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  • J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    Waking Nightmares (1997/1998/Series5)
    Based on the story of Mark Leung
    Published By:Kitchen Sink Comix / Top Dollar Comics

    Click to View Larger Picture of W.N #1    Click to View Larger Picture of W.N #2    Click to View Larger Picture of W.N #3    Click to View Larger Picture of W.N #4
    Mark Leung was a cop in Chinatown until he and his wife were brutally killed and his daughters kidnapped. Now he is the Crow, and he stalks New York's mean streets seeking his murderers and trying to save his daughters from the clutches of a child pornography ring. Det. Caitlin Murphy, his former partner, is following Mark's bloody trail of vengeance, and his daughters are dreaming dark dreams of the crow and their dead father as he battles criminals and even the dark spirit who has resurrected him to reach their side.

  • Script By:Christopher Golden (X-Men,Shi)
  • Pencils By:Philip Hester (Swamp Thing)
  • Inks By:Ande Parks
  • Covers By:Miran Kim (X-Files)
    1997 James O'Barr

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  • order dead time
    the crow:dead time (1996)
    Written By: John Wagner, Alexander Maleev, James O'Barr, N. C. Christopher Couch (editor)

    order flesh and blood
    the crow:flesh and blood (1996)
    Written By: James Vance, J. O'Barr

    order the official graphic novel
    the crow comic (1991)
    Written By: James O'Barr

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    the crow toy
    Created By: Todd Mcfarlane
    * The Crow:Believe In Angels *