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  • Crow Novels Banner

    J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    The Crow-"Wicked Prayer" (2000)

    Click to view Larger Image

  • Written By:Norman Partridge
    2000 Harperprism Books
    Order The Crow- Wicked Prayer Novel On Sale

    At our human limits, when we've gone as far as flesh and imagination can take us, we meet the Eternal One.The Crow

    Immemorially old and inconsolable , he is there only for those who seek both revenge and love, and are willing to go all the way-and beyond.Wicked Prayer

    On a coal-black night, on a desolate stretch of Arizona highway, two last-chance lovers die badly.

    In these, the final, cruelest moments of his earthly existence, Dan Cody watches as the lifeblood of his lady is sucked down by the thirsty desert sands. In an instant , his heart and his redemption have been blown away by a postmodern witch and her sadistic goth-giant companion on their gor-soaked joyride to immortality.

    But even as one life ends in pain and anguish for Dan Cody, another begins . He is about to join those chosen to walk beneath the shadow of the Crow's wing. Revenge will be the sole reason for his return; revenge on tow who are speeding into the night in a '49 lamb's-blood Mercury on the fast track to Hell..or Nevada. And thought Kyra Damon and Johnny Church have embraced evil with a zealor's fervor, they underestimate the power of what's pursuing them from beyond the grave-the rough beast that's now slouching toward Vegas with murderous rage in its dead eyes.

    The Crow-"Temple of Night" (1999)

    Click to view Larger Image

  • Written By:S.P Somtow
    1999 Harperprism Books
    Order The Crow-Temple of Night Novel On Sale

    Turn-of-the-century Bangkok is a glittering modern city where high-tech industry and ancient mystery meet. It is a powerhouse of international finance by day ... and a playground of depravity by night. The Klong Toey shantytowns are home to shadowy eroticemporiums, where millionaire celebrities act out their darkest sexual fantasies, protected by money, influence, and American diplomacy.

    Enter a young American journalist, assigned to expose the latest cover-up. Stephen is about to break the two cardinal rules of journalism: Don't fall in love. And don't get killed....

    J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    The Crow-"Quoth The Crow" (1998)
    Dedicated to Dean Koontz-- Past, Present, and Future Master
    Click to view Larger Image

  • Written By:David Bischoff
  • Covers Illustration By:Cliff Nielsen
    1998 Harperprism Books

    Buy The Crow-Quoth The Crow Novel On Sale

    William Blessing is obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe. Like Poe, he is a writer of dark fantasy. And like Poe, he has powerful enemies. One of them pretends to be a friend, even as he plots to murder William and steal his wife. Blessing's only hope is to learn the truth about his "friend" before --

    But this is the realm of The Crow, where the grave is the doorway to the truth. William must walk through it to discover Poe's final secret. Then, and only then, with the help of a dark-winged "Raven," can he return to feed on the human carrion who raped his wife and slaughtered his soul.

    Email Me
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  • J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    The Crow-"Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams" (1998)
    Click to view Larger Image

  • Written By:Edward Kramer
  • Edited By:Edward Kramer and James O'barr
  • Released:November 1998
    1998 James O'barr

    Buy The Crow-Shattered Dreams Novel On Sale

    With this chilling collection of stories and poems, J. O'Barr--the creator of The Crow--and Ed Kramer , The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams evokes a modern night-world and its tormented denizens ensnared by unspeakable evil, enslaved by unquenchable longing, engulfed by the thirst for revenge, and enfolded by the enigmatic, eternal wings of The Crow.

    J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    The Crow-"The Lazarus Heart" (1998)
    Dedicated For Caitlan
    Click to view Larger Image The Author Of Lazurus Heart

  • Written By:Poppy Z. Brite
  • Covers Illustration By:Cliff Nielsen 1998 Harperprism Books

    Buy The Crow-Lazurus Heart Novel On Sale

    Five, four, three, two...Jared Poe counts the days on Louisiana's Death Row. The controversial S&M photographer has been condemned to die for killing his lover. He doesn't know who did it. Only that he didn't. Can he clear his name and find the real killer in time? No. For this is no ordinary thriller. We are in the dark realm of The Crow, and Jared must feel the cold shudder of Death, must hear the beating of black wings, must prowl the shadowy goth netherworld of New Orleans, to prove he was no killer when he died. And find out what kind of killer he has become.

    J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    The Crow-"Clash by Night" (1998)
    Written By:Chet Williamson

    Click to view Larger Image

  • Covers Illustration By:Cliff Nielsen 1998 Harperprism Books
    Buy The Crow-Clash By Night Novel On Sale

    A crazed militia has planted a bomb in a day-care center, and a dedicated teacher discovers it just in time to get herself and the children to safety. Almost. For we are in the dark universe of The Crow, where the innocent must die so that justice can triumph. Where a woman devoted to peace must don camouflage as she prowls with her black-winged familiar through the tangled underworld of hate on a search-and-destroy mission that leads her from gun shows to the rubble of the disaster. A rubble that is stirring with new and hideous life...

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