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The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

Mark Dacascos:Eric Draven
Mark Dacascos (Eric Draven)
Mark Dacascos (Eric Draven#2) Talon-The 1st Female Crow
Talon is the 1st Female Crow (Pictured Right)

The Plot:

Exactly one year after his death, rock musician Eric Draven returns to earth in a symbolic and literal leap from the bridge that joins the Land of the Dead and the land of the living. Possessing the mystic powers of the Crow, he is neither living nor dead, searching for a way to right what has been wronged.

THE CROW: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN television series continues the legacy of Eric Draven and expands on the mythology of the successful feature film franchise. Joined as soul mates, a powerful force of greater good over evil, Draven and his girlfriend Shelly were inseparable, until they were brutally and senselessly murdered.

Now their souls cannot rest. Their romance endures time and death, creating an incredible sense of longing between the young lovers. Draven seeks redemption by helping others, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Through each act of justice, he is taken one step closer to his salvation.

A foot soldier on the side of good, Draven is lead in his endeavors by the spirit crow. At Draven's core is a powerful force that transforms him into The Crow -- his alter ego and a force to be reckoned with.

Draven's return to earth arouses both suspicion and curiosity from Daryl Albrecht, the Police Lieutenant who has never given up his crusade to solve this vicious crime. Eric and Shelly were like family to Sarah, a thirteen-year-old kid who is streetwise beyond her years. While her own rebellion can be her worst enemy, she is the grounded voice of reality for Eric.

Even a dead man needs to get a life and while Eric Draven has been changed forever, he must exist, at least for now, in the world of the living.

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• Mark Dacascos.... Eric Draven
• Marc Gomes....Officer Albrecht
• Sabine Karsenti.... Shelly Webster
• Katie Stuart....Sarah Mohr
• John Pyper-Ferguson.... Top Dollar
• Lynda Boyd....Darla Mohr
• Jon Cuthbert....Vicennes
• Julie Dreyfus....India Reyes

Film Crew:

• Ed Pressman....Executive Producer
• Bryce Zabel....Executive Producer
• Crescent Ent. Ltd. ....Distribution Center

Did You Know?:

• Stunt-Death On 'Crow' Set
"The Crow" has been plagued with unfortunate accidents. Veteran stuntman Marc Akerstream died August 16,1998 after injuries he sustained on the set of the television series "The Crow". Akerstream was 44. This is the second fatal accident on the set of "The Crow". Actor Brandon Lee died in a freak accident while filming the original Hollywood movie.

• Mark Dacascos Also Starred in the films Double Dragon and Only The Strong.

Brodcasted on:

WGN/WB in most areas


Painkillers Official Website-Band that often performed on the show.
The Crow Dojo-M.Dacascos/STH
Official Mark Dacascos Site
STH Retribution

• Note-Banner Photo is courtesy of The Blackout. Thanks goes to Shelly.


Corey Feldman with Eric Draven

Eric Draven as Mark Dacascos

Eric Draven Looking Up

Intro Shot Of STH
* The Crow:Believe In Angels *