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    DMX Signs On for The Crow 4:Lazarus?

    DMX as Earl Simmons

    In whats the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard, DMX is set to be the next crow. Whose going to be the villian grandmaster flash with dr.dre? anyways here is the saddest article I've ever had to put:

    "After an acclaimed performance in the Aaliyah-Jet Li film "Romeo Must Die," rapper-actor DMX has signed on to become the new face of the avenging deadman, The Crow, and is in negotiations for a multi-picture deal tied to the part.

    Publicists for DMX's film career confirmed to MTV News that the rapper, real name Earl Simmons, has agreed to star in "The Crow: Lazarus," the fourth motion picture in the "Crow" franchise.

    "I am very excited about my involvement in 'The Crow: Lazarus,'" DMX noted in a statement. "I like the story line, and I can identify with the character. On the real tip, the moral of this story is that things are not always what they seem and we must not be too hasty to pass judgments, and that's real."

    The third film, titled "The Crow: Salvation," stars Eric Mabius and Kirsten Dunst and is tentatively expected to hit theaters in the fall, although there's talk that the film may be released direct-to-video instead.

    A soundtrack to "The Crow: Salvation," featuring tracks from Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, Hole, and Danzig, was issued on Koch Records in March.

    According to a release from the Edward R.Pressman Film Corp., the production company handling the film, the screenplay for "The Crow:Lazarus" deals with the story of a rapper who chooses to leave the music scene for the love of a woman and is killed during a drive-by shooting. The rapper is then reincarnated as The Crow in order to take revenge on the gang responsible for his death.

    The production could go in front of the lens as early as November of this year.

    If the project comes to fruition, DMX will become the fourth actor to play the part of "The Crow,"based upon a comic book character created by James O'Barr after the real-life death of his own fiancée.

    Brandon Lee played The Crow in the original 1994 film, but was killed during an accident while shooting the movie. Vincent Perez was tapped to take flight as The Crow in the 1996 sequel, "The Crow: City Of Angels," which failed to generate as much box office as the first film."

  • Thanks to mtv.com.

    Sin Video for Crow 3 Soundtrack

    Click for Larger Image of Sin

    Here is some info on the upcoming Video for Crow Salvation Act Sin:

    "Jeff Most, co-producer of the film with Edward Pressman, has offered us to use footage from the film in the video directed by English director Anthony Atanasio, and will in return use ³Painful² as the 2th single taken from the soundtrack to promote ³The Crow². For information, the soundtracks of the two previous ³The Crow² movies have resulted in multi-platinum sales of over 5 million copies worldwide and both soundtracks topped the Billboard charts.

    Furthermore, the SIN website http://www.sin-music.com will be linked to the official ³The Crow² site; Jeff Most has promised to promote sin as much as possible on the site (a download of ³Painful² is being envisaged)."

  • Thanks to Recall.

    The Crow: Stairway to Heaven on Sci-Fi Channel

    The original first 22 episodes of The Crow: Stairway to Heaven TV series will be shown on the Sci-Fi Channel beginning on Sunday July 23, 2000 at 7:00pm CST (8:00pm EST).

    Skull Cowboy Footage Available Now Online

    Click for Larger Image of Skull Cowboy

    For all you die hard Crow fans there is now footage available Online for the Cut Scenes of The Skull Cowboy from The original Crow film. The footage in this movie clip is from an uncompleted sequence in The Crow. Sound and post-production effects were never completed for this scene, which is why it seems to lose audio about half way through the scene. Don't worry -- nothing is wrong with your computer!

    Go to http://www.thecrow.com/skullcowboy.html to check it out!

    Salvation France Release Date

    The Crow: Salvation will be released theatrically in France on June 28th. Keep checking back here, as very soon, we will have more promotional information and a link to the French distributor's web site. Also, as soon as we get any information from Dimension Films regarding the U.S. release date we will post it here.

  • Thanks to thecrow.com.

    They Die too Young Book Featuring Brandon Lee

    Here is some info on an upcoming book featuring Brandon Lee:

    "Brandon Lee (They died too young) by Cindy Dyson - no word yet on the book in detail - may be a compilation of young stars who died young. Don't know. Just thought I would pass it on. Cheers "

    Book is set to hit stores December of 2000. More info as it develops.

  • Thanks to Mina Harker.

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    The making of The Crow Book + Brandon Lee Info

    Here is a picture and info on the Official Crow Behind the Scenes Book and Website:

    Click to See Larger Image of The making of The Crow Book

    "New book about the making of the crow. Check it out www.crowthemakingof.com the book promises never before seen pics behind the scenes. Cheers.

    also april 7th Entertainment Weekly - Brandon Lee last page - stunning picture of him at the beach. wish I had a scan for you - but no scanner."

  • Thanks to Mina Harker.

    David J. Schow Speaks

    Well here is a quote from David J. Schow, one of the original Crow screenwriters, regarding the 1st ever Crow screening

    "Thought I'd throw in an additional two cents, since people have been repeating that Jeff Conner "screening report" too much. His observation about no writers attending the screening is dead wrong; he just didn't recognize any of them, which included me, Christa Faust, Richard Christian Matheson, Douglas E. Winter (whose short story "Loop" is heavily indebted to THE CROW), Ed Bryant and Lucy Taylor. We all sat in the very back row. If CROW fans don't know the names of any of these writers ... they should, for all write work that would be interesting to them.

    There is also some assorted CROW content (especially in the interview transcripts) to be found on the BLACK LEATHER REQUIRED website at:


    Your site is quite attractive and it's fascinating to see so many sites on THE CROW up and running six years after the film came out. Thanks."


  • Thanks to David J. Schow.

    Original Crow Director's Next Project
  • The Following is from Cinescape Online:

  • Proyas Gets ‘Red Death’

    "Alex Proyas (Dark City) has selected his next project, and contrary to what he told the Insider last year, it’s not a lightweight sunny film. Variety is reporting that Proyas will team with writer Stuart Hazeldine to craft a script for a new big screen version of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story The Masque of the Red Death for Fox 2000. Proyas will also direct the eventual film. Proyas will also act as producer on the film along with Andrew Mason and Julie Corman."

  • Thanks to Cinescape

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