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What? You think I did this all off my own back? Here's to those who keep me going, even if they don't know it:
Russ: This guy spends half his time irritating me and the other half stinking my room out by farting.
Shaun: The gamesmaster i.e. sadistic, stubborn git.
Khi: who exists solely to make me jealous and scare me to death by sneaking up behind me.
Katie: who finds great delight in being cheerful at you when you have a hangover and are puking all over.
Tobbe: The ONLY person who can embarrass/humiliate me and not be killed in return (just maimed).
Steven: A guy with the unfortunate ability to always walk in at a BAD time.
Dave: who's gone off to marry some Swedish lass. He's my slave, dammit!
Nikki: fondly known by the name of 'werehippo' and has the ability to nuke towns with a glance.
Anthony: A very cuddly foxy with a peculiar potato fetish
Malinka: Addicted to her homepage and e-mailing everyone if it changes by so much as one letter.


Hidden Facets ~ Roleplay

'Stirling By Night' was created by the Stirling University Roleplaying Society LARPing group of Spring 1998:

Prince Robert MacLean played by Dave
Dymus Frasier character concept by Ridh
Bethany played by Bekka (me!)
Alex White played by Shaun
Khezlar Merrin played by Russ
Dave's Homepage
Ridh's Homepage
Bekka's Broch
Shaun's Homepage
Russ' Homepage

White Wolf logos were obtained from the allowable use site at White Wolf and the now deceased site Dragons and Dreams for pictures of characters.
Stirling University Student Homepage for Stirling by Night pictures.

Spirits Calling ~ Paganism

Thanks to:
My parents for bringing me up to be open-minded and letting me make my own choices.
The many dozens of books I've ploughed through before I finally reached a conclusion.
Malinka, for taking a great photo.

The Apothecary ~ Herbalism

Thanks to:
The Widow's Web for pictures of herbs (chamomile, mint, etc.)
Moyra's Web Jewels for the leafy icons
My Auntie Tricia, for being an abundant wealth of knowledge and experience.
My Dad, for teaching me that hard work has its benefits.
My Mum, for having an uncanny knack of finding the oddest tidbits in her endless scouring of bric-a-brac stalls.


The beautiful mottled yellow background was created by The Siren's Song
Other pictures (dragons, tree-bar, etc) from free clip-art sites.
Oh yeah...I guess I should thank Tripod too. Even if they did bring out that silly new 30 day rule. Bah!

Copyright Disclaimer:

I've used dozens of pictures on this site. I've asked permission where I've been able and was granted it. If I have inadvertantly infringed copyright I can only apologise profusely - please mail me and let me know if this is the case. I will gladly credit/replace them as required. All the writings are my own work unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use something on this site please ask first.

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