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This is the story of Donny Dog as appeared in one of the FABULAND booklets.

Do you see who is on the roof of the FABULAND fire-department? It is fire chief Donny Dog. "What are you doing up there?" "I build a new lookout tower", Donny says, "I have to look over the whole city in case there is fire"

FABULAND had a very hot sommer. Every day the sun was burning at the sky and there hadn't been a droplet of rain for weeks. Not a single droplet

Fire chief Donny look at the city under him. Yes he could see everything and very clear. For example, the lazy Morty Mouse, who slept in the large park.

Morty should have helpt the gardener Nessie Hippothamus and give the flowers water. But it was so hot... and the cloth between the trees was so attractive. The sun was shining, Morty was snoring, and the flowers had their heads down.

Fire Chief Donny was looking around. There he say Clara Cow next to her Ice Cream Shop. She was whipping something together. It looked like strawberry ice cream.

It really was strawberry ice cream. Clara had probably dropped it, and now the sun changed it into a large, pink fluid.

Then Donny saw Leo Lion, the major. He went for a walk and was playing his accordeon. "Look out where you walk, mister major" But it was already to late. Leo walked right into the strawberry fluid. "That will learn Leo to take a walk and make such a noise", laughed Donny. But now Leo was angry. "Whip immediatly this garbage away", he shouted.

Donny looked further over the fields. There one could see trees, fences and an old windmill. But Donny saw something else. Behind the cornfield there was fire in an old barn.

Donny went quickly downstairs and jumped into his firetruck. There was no time to loose.

Ding dong, ding dong. The bell rang alarm when Donny left the fire station.

He went fast along Clara's ice cream shop and along Morty Mouse, who was still sleeping in the cloth.

Henry Pig went with his wheelbarrow on the street. Honk honk honk honk! "Out of the way", Donny shouted. Poor Henry was so surprised that he walked over his wheelbarrow and everything fel on the sidewalk.

When Donny arrived at the barn he jumped out of the fire truck, unrolled the watertube and put the water on. Wusch! came the water on the barn. Fire chief Donny could still distinguish the fire, before there was too much damage. "It was very good that I build a lookout tower", he said to himself. "Otherwise I wouldn't have been here so fast"

When Donny drove by the large park on his way back, he saw Nessie Hippothamus. She was angry at Morty Mouse because he hadn't give the flowers water. "You stupid mouse", she shouted irritated, "When the flowers don't get water immediately, they will die" Donny stopped. He had an idea. He still had enough water in his fire truck...

"Step back", Donny said. And he cautiosly put on the water tube, so that the water came very gently on the many flowers in the large park.

"Thank you very much", Nessie said, when Donny was finished. "You're welcome", Donny answered. "When I'm already there ..." And then someting happened, for which the people in FABULAND had been waiting for for weeks.

It was raining. "So what", Donny laughed. And Nessie and Donny and the lazy Morty were standing in de rain and couldn't stop laughing.

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