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This page is dedicated to my favorite LEGOŽ theme: The FABULANDŽ theme. This theme was produced between 1979 and 1989 and consists of approximately 90 sets (see the set list). My own collection contains about 70, mostly smaller, sets. Above I have put a picture of my collection. I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures. I still hope to place some other, better, pictures in the future.

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What's new?

The character list with pictures is updated thanks to Henriette Hoffmann-Schläger. Figures are now also sorted by eyes and legs. here to see this new list

Thanks to Mark Witcombe, I have submitted many Fabuland scans to the site of Brickbuilder. On his site www.hccamsterdam.nl/brick now over 55 Fabuland scans can be found

Monica has put the instructions of the Hospital set (137/347) on this site: http://it.geocities.com/Xmilog/. Thanks Monica ! Also visit's Monica's Fabuland site on http://fabuland.altervista.org/

Brings you back to this page.

Set list Here you can find the list with the FABULANDŽ set made over the years.

Non-set list FABULANDŽ related items can be found on this list
Memory game Pictures from the FABULANDŽ memory game
Booklets Cover scans of the small FABULANDŽ booklets
Donny Dog story The story of Donny Dog

Set inventory This list shows all parts of almost all FABULANDŽ sets.
Characters list This lists all of the figures sorted out by type and color and which gives the sets they appeared in.
Characters list with picture The same as above, but now with pictures.
Parts guide This lists FABULANDŽ parts that are also available in other LEGOŽ sets. (Still under construction)
Parts inventory The parts in the Fabuland sets are ordered by type and color in this list.
Parts inventory with pics The same list as above but now also with pictures. Because of all the pictures it is a very large page. (Note: Not all pictures have been added yet)

This is the place to sell, trade or buy your FABULANDŽ sets or parts

FabuCity is the place where the FABULANDŽ figures live. Take a look and see whats keeps them busy, and don't forget to read the newspaper and my own trading page.

To www.lugnet.com
Links to other great LEGOŽ sites


Hi, I will take you to my personal trade section. We have a number of interesting sets and pieces, both Fabuland and non-Fabuland, for trade. So, if you have some Fabuland sets or pieces, click here or on the picture to see what's on our trade list

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