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SET 132/341: Cottage

Instructions of this set available on Brickshelf

Set inventory

Total Pieces: 107 or 108
1               Figure: Cat, white head/body, red arms/legs
1               Figure: Mouse, Gray head, blue body, black arms/legs
1               Tree                    green
1               Stairs                  red
1               Brush (small)           brown
1               Shovel (small)          grey
1               Parasol                 blue
1               Parasol standard        blue
1               House with red windows  yellow
2               Cupboard (red windows)  yellow
3               1x4 fence               blue
5               1x2 brick               blue
18              1x2 brick               red
2               1x6 brick               red
4               1x4 brick               red
7 or 8          2x2 brick               red
32              2x2 brick               yellow
6               2x2 brick               blue
2               2x3 brick               red
3               2x3 brick               yellow
13              2x4 brick               blue
3               2x4 brick               yellow
2               1x4 plate               red
1               4x8 plate               red
1               4x10 plate              yellow
1               6x10 plate              yellow

Personal comments

I still believe that this is my first Fabuland set (although it might actually be set 329). The house is very big compared to the later houses, even to set 3678, the big house, where four people are living. The use of basioc bricks for the roof gives you .many opportunities to change the set (a few examples are shown in the instruction booklet)

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