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SET 3663: Merry Go Round

No instruction scans available of this set

Set inventory

Total Pieces: 20
1               Figure: Lamb (not sure) white head/arms/legs, yellow body
1               Figure: Mouse, brown head, red body/arms, yellow legs
1               16x24 baseplate         green
1               Scooter                 blue
1               Tub                     yellow
1               Chair                   red
1               4x4x2 seat box          blue
1               Merry-go-round 
                  with red roof         yellow
1               Umbrella stick          yellow
1               Umbrella                yellow
3               1x6x2 fences rounded    white
1               Bank                    red
1               4x4 plate               blue
1               4x4 plate               red
1               4x4 plate               yellow
1               4x4 plate               unknown 
1               Flower (new type)       red
1               Flower (new type)       green

Personal comments

One of the last sets in the Fabuland theme and like many of the sets from the later years, an amusement park set.
The set looks in my opinion to much like a part of set 3683, the big amusement park to be really special (which
doesn't mean that I don't want the set in my collection :) ).

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