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SET 3682: Fire station

No instructions available on Brickshelf

Set inventory

Total Pieces: ??
2               Figure: Bulldog, red cap/body/arms, white head, black legs
1               Figure: Bulldog, red cap/body arms, brown head, black legs
1               32x32 baseplate         green
1               Car chassis (large)     black
1               Car chassis (small)     black
2               Front window rounded 
                  (large)               red
2               4x4x2 seat box          red
2               1x4x2 Bellshaped piece  black
3               1x4x2 Bellshaped piece  red
2               1x4x2 bellshaped piece 
                  with headlights       black
1               Ladder piece with 
                  yellow ladder         red
2               Axe                     black
2               Pickaxe                 black
7               Cupboard with 
                  yellow windows        red
1               Cupboard with 
                  yellow door           red
2               Roof part with
                  green roof            red
1               Upperpart with 
                  yellow windows        red
1               Bank                    white
1               Lamppost                grey
1               Signboard               grey
1               Stairs curved           yellow
1               Slide                   red
1               Tree with apple print   green
2               Stick                   black
2               Flags                   blue
1               Flower (new type)       yellow
1               Flower (new type)       white
1               1x6x2 fence rounded     yellow
1               Bed                     brown
3               1x4x1 fence             yellow
??              Divers bricks mostly red      

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