Thank you Melissa for this cool award! *hugz*

Me showing my undying for B-RokŪ in a (very twisted manner)

Hi guys, welcome to my home on da net! If you've noticed, I've revamped the index page 'coz well, I guess it was getting kinda boring, don't you think so? Anyway, the contents of the homepage are still going to be pretty much the same. Except for the fact that I took down the Devon Sawa page coz I needed more space. Only to realise the Tripod was giving us 6 more MB each. What luck. Anyway, I will try and get a new voting booth for you to vote for your fav. guys again. The other one broke down and I think the whole thing isn't very trustworthy coz my sis's one broke down too. If anyone knows where to get a cool voting booth, be sure to tell me about it. And oh, I might stop updating my page come July coz I have got the big Os to take care of. But I will be back in December, that's definite and I will make the page better than ever, so so I hope. *grinz* If anyone wants to help me take care of the BSB corner... mail me, though I very much doubt anyone would wanna do it coz it's tough work. I guess I will end my little message here and leave you to urm... hang around my house. Enjoy! *hugz*

Oh, I have taken down the NA page! Urm... don't think I can keep up with it, so there. :) Sorry! But if ya want to know more about the gorgeous foursome, go to The Official No Authority Page!

Glory glory Brian Littrell! Hail oh mighty one...

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