"H" STREETS ~ 1900

From 21 North Market to City Limits.

Halliday av.
E. to W. from Michigan av. to Grand av., 1 block south of Magnolia av.

Halls Ferry (Plank) rd.
From 8301 N. Broadway to northern city limits, Baden.

Hamilton av.
In the northwestern suburbs, from 5901 Delmar Boulevard, north to 5900 Kennerly av., 1 block east of Hodiamont av.

Hammett pl.
E. to W. from 2425 Marcus av. west, 3 blocks north of Easton av.

Hancock av.
E. to W. from 3439 Ivanhoe av. west to River des Peres, 6 blocks south of Arsenal.

Harney av.
N. to S. from Calvary av., 2 blocks north, 1 block west of Florissant.

E. to W. from 3801 Glasgow av. to 3800 Grand av., 1 block north of Natural Bridge rd.

Harris av.
E. to W. from Mall to 4201 Penrose, 2 blocks north of Adelaide av.

E. to W. from 3133 Louisiana av. to 3136 Alfred av.

E. to W. from 6700 S. Wharf to Carondelet Pk.

E. to W. from 3323 Blair av. to 3320 N. 19th.

N. to S. from 5100 Northrup av. south to 5101 Bischoff av., 2 blocks west of S. King's Highway boul., also from Columbia av. to Arsenal.

Hermitage av.
N. to S. from 6900 Old Manchester rd. souoth to River des Peres, in western suburbs, 1 block east of McCausland av.

Hewitt av.
N. to S. from 7200 Lanham av. south to 7201 Old Manchester av., 1 block east of city limits.

E. to W. from 4633 S. Compton av. to 4632 Virginia av., 1 block south of Neosho.

From 4131 Marine av. west to city block 2618, 1 block north of Meramec.

E. to W. from 1201 S. Broadway to Carr Lane av., and from Cabanne west to St. L. & San Francisco R.R.

Hicks al.
An alley in block 181, bounded by Olive, Locust, Seventh and Eighth.

S. to N. from 1231 Lucas av., to north of 1231 O'Fallon.

Highland av.
E. to W. from Goodfellow av. to city limits, 5 blocks north of Easton av.

E. to W. from Mississippi River to 5100 Compton av.

Hillside av.
N. to S. outside and near city limits, about 3 blocks north of St. Cyr av.

Hill's Terrace.
South from 4584 Easton av., 1 block.

Hodiamont av.
N. to S. from 6001 Delmar Boulevard to 6100 Kennerly av., 1 block east of western city limits.

N. to S. from 1600 Picker to block 820 S., 1 block west of Fourteenth.

S. to N. from 1829 O'Fallon to 1824 North Market, 1 block west of N. 18th.

Holly av.
E. to W. from 5901 Hall to 4239A Penrose.

Horner av.
E. to W. from 1501 McCausland av., west to city limits in "Benton."

Hornsby av.
E. to W. from8601 N. Broadway to 8900 Hall's Ferry rd.

Horton Pl.
E. to W. from 1039 Hamilton av. west of city limits.

E. to W. from 1701 N. Wharf to 1900 Blair av., and from N. 22d to Garrison av.

E. to W. from Tracy Rd. to City limits 9000 north.

Hull pl.
N. to S. from 4033 Kossuth av. north to 4032 Lee av., 1 block west of Warne av.

Humboldt av.
From Mississippi River to 7200 N. Broadway, 3 blks. South of Calvary av.

E. to W. from Gravois av. to Alfred av., 5 blocks south of Arsenal.

Hunt av.
E. to W. from 1451 S. Grand av. to west line of Laclede Race Course, 1 blk. North of Park av.

E. to W. from 8301 S. Wharf to S. Seventh.

N. to S. from 1401 Prairie av. north, 1 block west of N. Broadway.


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