"N" STREETS ~ 1900

Nagel av.
E. to W. from 7200 S. Wharf to Virginia av.

Nashville av.
E. to W. 1343 Tamm to 1344 Louisville av.

Natural Bridge rd.
E. to W. from 3701 Vest av. to western city limits.

Nebraska av.
N. to S. from 2920 Park av. to 4901 S. Broadway.

Nellie av.
In South Carondelet, from River des Peres west to Jefferson Barracks rd., 3 block south of Marceau.

E. to W. from 4600 S. Broadway to S. 18th.

New Ashland pl.
N. to S. from 4256 Ashland av., 1 block south, 1 blk. east of Labadie av.

N. to S. from McLaran av. south to Switzer av., 2 blocks west of Church rd., in Baden.

Newcomb pl.
E. to W. in city block 3777, bet. Easton av. and Page boulevard, running one-half a block east of Walton av.

Newhouse av.
E. to W. from 4001 N. 11th to Vest av.

Newman av.
E. to W. from 6701 Hall to 6700 N. Broadway

Newstead av., N.
S. to N. from 4401 Laclede av. to 2300 Bircher.

Newstead av., S.
N. to S. from 4400 Laclede av. to Mo. Pac. Ry.

Nicholson pl.
N. to S. from 2052 Lafayette av. to 2051 Geyer av.

Nineteenth North.
S. to N. from 1901 Market to 1900 E. Grand av.

Nineteenth South.
N. to S. from one half block north of 1901 Gratiot to Gratiot, and from Osceola to Delor.

Ninth, North.
S. to N. from 901 Market to 901 Penrose.

Ninth, South.
N. to S. from 900 Market to Cave, and from 3420 Osceola to River des Peres.

Noonan av.
N.E. to S.W. between Manchester av. and Mo. Pac. R.R. and between Ecoff av. and McCausland av. in block 4627 W.

Norfolk av.
E. to W. from 1301 S. Boyle av. to west line of Laclede Race Course, 2 blocks south of Manchester rd.

North Dakota.
From East Michigan av. to West Michigan av., 1 block south of Osceola.

North Gasconade.
From East Iowa av. to West Iowa av., northern boundary of Laclede Park, 1 block south of Osage.

North Magnolia av.
E. to W. from 450 feet east of January av. to January av. in city block 4054B.

North Market.
From 2401 N. Wharf to 2500 Marcus av., and from 2501 Clara av. to 2500 Hodiamont av.

North Market.
E. to W. from Walter av. to Hall's Ferry Road in Baden.

North Park pl.
E. to W. from 3935 N. 11th to 3952 N. 14th.

Northrup av.
E. to W. from 1701 S. King's Highway boul. to 1700 Adele av.

North Trudeau.
E. to W. from 2201 S. First to 2200 S. Second.

Norwich place.
N.S. from Windham av. to Jennings av. bet. Woodlawn and Goodfellow ave. 4800 north 5900 west.

Norwood av.
N. to S. from St. Louis av. to Maffitt av., 1 block west of N. King's Highway boul.

Nottingham av.
E. to W. from King's Highway to Sulphur av. in "Southampton" 4900 south. Also E. to W. from River des Peres to city limits, in southwestern suburb, "Shrewsbury Park."


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