"O" STREETS ~ 1900

From 33E Ferry north to Cornelia, 3 blocks east of Broadway.

Oak Hill av.
N. to S. from 400 Arsenal to 4151 Chippewa.

Oakland av.
E. to W. from 5901 Clayton av. to Skinker Road south of the right of way of the Lindell R'y. south of Forest Park.

Obear av.
From 3701 Kossuth av. to 4701 VonPhul.

N. to S. from 901 Christian north, 1 block west of Broadway.

E. to W. from 2901 S. King's Highway boul., west to Sublette av., also from 3000 Tammav. to St. Louis & San Francisco R.R. and from McCausland av. 1/2 block east, 1 block south of Old Manchester road.

E. to W. from 1301 N. Wharf to 1300 N. Jefferson av.

Ohio av.
N. to S. fro 2700 Chouteau av. to 2701 Dakota av.

Old Manchester rd.
E. to W. from junction of 1000 Manchester av. to western city limits.

Oleatha av.
E. to W. fro St. Louis, Oak Hill & Carondelet Ry. to King's Highway, and from 3539 McCausland av. to Wabash av., 1 block north of Pernod av., 1 block north Miami.

E. to W. from 301 N. Wharf to 4800 Washington boul.

Olive St. rd.
From 901 Hodiamont av. to city limits.

Oregon av.
N. to S. from 2830 Lafayette av. to 2829 Itaska.

O'Reilly av.
E. to W. from 335A N. Euclid av. to 444 N. King's Highway bl. also called Middleton pl.

Oriole av.
E. to W. from Florissant av. to Thekla av., "Walnut Park."

E. to W. from 4000 S. Wharf to 4000 S. Grand.

E. to W. from Mississippi River to 4400 S. 19th.

Onida av.
N. to . from 735 Carrie av. north to 734 Morin av. 1 block east of Broadway.

Oxford av.
E. to W. from River des Peres to city limits, in "Greenwood," bet. Mo. Pac. & San Francisco Rys.

Oxford Lane.
N. to S. from McLaran av. to Switzer av., 2 blocks east of city limits, in "Inglesyde."


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