"W" STREETS ~ 1900

Wabash av.
E. to W. from N. Euclid av. to N. King's Highway Boulevard, 4 blocks north of Easton av.

Wabash av.
E. to W. from 3539 Oleatha av. to 7101 Bancroft av., 1 block west of McCausland av.

Waddell av.
N. to S. from River des Peres to road, 1 block west of S. Grand av.

N. to S. from 119 Franklin av. to 118 Carr.

Wade av.
E. to W. from Tamm av. 400 feet west; first street north of Lloyd av., block 4610N.

Wagner av.
E. to W. from 1201A Hodiamont av. west beyond western city limits, 1 block south of Page Boulevard.

Wagner Av. terrace.
Begins at Wagner av. near Hodiamont av. and runs about one half block.

Wagoner pl.
N. to S. from North Market st. to Easton av. 1 block east of Marcus av.

Walbridge pl.
N. to S. in block 4383 from Slevin av. 480 feet north; first street west of Snead av.

Waldemar av.
E. to W. from 6701 Manchester av. to 2140 Forest av.

E. to W. from 101 S. Wharf to 100 S. Theresa.

E. to W. from 5200 S. Wharf to 5200 Morgan Ford rd.

Walter av.
N. to S. from 8345 N. Broadway to 834 Gimblin rd., in Baden.

Walton av.
N. to S. from 4601 McPherson av. to 4800 Easton av..

Warne av.
N. to S. from 4001 McPherson av. to Olive, and from 4001 Easton av. to Adelaide av.

E. to W. from 2601 N. Wharf to 2600 N. Jefferson av.

E. to W. from 1000 N. Wharf to 1000 N. First, and from 1001 N. Broadway to 2801 Easton av.

Washington av.
E. to W. from 601 N. Wharf to 600 N. Grand av., and from King's Highway boul. to Clara av.

Washington av. (private street)
E. to W. from DeBaliviere av. to Goodfellow av.

Washington boul.
E. to W. from 601 N. Grand av. to N. King's Highway boul.

Washington pl.
N. to S. between Sherman pl. and Kossuth av. one-half block west of Prairie av.

Washington ter.
E. to W. from Union Boul. to Clara av., 1 block south of Delmar boul.

N. to S. from 200 E. Ellwood, to River des Peres.

Waterman av.
E. to W. from 401 Union boul. west to 400 Skinker rd., 3 blks. north of Forest Park.

Watson rd.
In southwestern suburb. From 6000 Old Manchester rd. southwest beyond city limits.

Waverly Pl. boul.
N. to S. from 2100 Lafayette av. to 2101 Geyer av.

E. to W. from 1501 Sulphur av. to 1500 Billon av., 2 blks. north of Manchester av.

Weber rd.
In South Carondelet, from Adelia av. to Morgan Ford rd., 1 block south of River des Peres.

Webster av.
From 3101 Easton av. north to 3119 Magazine.

Weil av.
E. to W. from 4401 Watson rd. to city limits, south of River des Peres.

Wellington court.
E. to W. from River de Peres to Manhattan av. in southwestern suburb "Greenwood."

Wells av.
E. to W. from 1429 N. King's Highway boul. to city limits.

West Belle pl.
E. to W. from N. Vandeventer av. to N. Taylor av. extension of Bell av.

West Belle terrace. (Official name is "Bell av.")
E. to W. from west of Taylor av. bet. McMillan av. and Bell av.

W. Cabanne court.
N. to S. 1 block east of Hodiamont av. south of St. Louis & Suburban R.R.

W. Cabanne terrace.
E. to W. south side St. Louis and Suburban Ry. tracks between Catalpa and W. Cabanne court.

W. Cabanne pl.
E. to W. from 901 Hamilton av. to West Cabanne Court, 1 block south of St. Louis & Suburban R.R.

West Chestnut.
E. to W. from 101 N. Jefferson av. to 100 N. Grand av.

West End av.
From 4600 Page Boulevard south, 1 block to 4601 Cook av.

West End pl.
Bet. Olive, Washington av., Theresa av. and Grand av.

W. Iowa av.
From N. Gascondae to S. Gasconade, western boundary of Laclede Park.

W. Jefferosn av.
N. to W. from junction with S. Jefferson av. to 2701 Chouteau av.

W. Michigan av.
From N. Dakota to S. Dakota, 1 block west of Minnesota av.

Westminster pl.
From 325 N. Spring av. to 500 Euclid av., and from N. King's Highway boul. to Union boul.

Westmoreland pl.
E. to W. from 301 N. King's Highway Boulevard to 250 Union Boulevard.

West Pine Boul.
E. to W. from 201 N. Grand av. to 100 King's Highway Boulevard.

W. Railroad av.
N. to S. from 501 Calvary av. to 600 Thatcher av., 1 block east of N. Broadway.

Along the entire river front.

Wherry av.
N.E. to S.W. from Sutherland av. to Nottingham av. in "Southampton." 4400 south, 5400 west.

N. to S. from 1B E. Grand av. to Adelaide av.

Whittemore pl.
E. to W. from 1601 Missouri av. to 1634 S. Jefferson av.

N. to S. from 4201 Lindell boul. to 4200 Labadie av.

Wichita av.
E. to W. in western suburb Gibson Heights from S. Taylor av. to S. King's Highway boulevard, two blocks north of Manchester av.

Willow av.
E. to W. from Bisque to Columbia Bottom rd. north of new water wks., chain of rocks.

Wilmington rd.
E. to W. from 6601 Michigan av. to junction with Kansas.

Wilson av.
E. to W. from 2101 S. King's Highway Boulevard west to Tamm av.

Windermere ct.
N. to S. west of Windermer pl.

Windermere pl.
W. from Union, bet. Delmar boul. and Belt av., 1 block south of Cabanne av.

Windham av.
E. to W. from Woodstock av. to Goodfellow av., 2 blocks north of Bircher, suburb Rydal Mount.

Windsor pl.
E. to W. from 1021 N. Grand av. to N. Vandeventer av.

E. to W. from 3701 Marine av. to 3700 Oak Hill av.

Winona av.
E. to W. from east of 8800 McCausland av. to city limits, 4 blocks south of Pernot av.

Wisconsin av.
N. to S. from 2000 Lynch to Marine av.

Wise av.
E. to W. from 1201 East rd. west to Pierce av., 1 block north of Manchester rd.

Withers av.
E. to W. from 5300 Hall to 5300 N. Broadway.

Withnell av.
E. to W. from 3225 S. 9th to 3252 Missouri av.

Wittenberg av.
N. to S. from 1430 Old Manchester rd. to Missouri Pacific Ry.

N. to S. from 5901 Arsenal to 5900 Elizabeth av.

N. to S. from Itaska, 1/2 block north, 1 block east of Broadway in city block 2752.

Woodstock av.
N. to S. from Frueh av. to Jennings av., 1 blk. east of Goodfellow av.

Wren av.
E. to W. from Florissant av. to Theodore av. in "Walnut Park."

E. to W. from 2901 N. Wharf to 2900 N. 10th.

E. to W. from 4434 S. Wharf to 4434 S. B'way.

E. to W. from 3201 S. Broadway to 3200 Morgan Ford road.


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