Nobody knows better than I do, that I tend to kinda wander around when making pages
from one subject
to the next.

I just can't seem to
help's JUST
the way my mind works!!

Main Html Entrance
The main door to aaa-na's
" Conversational Html". You can get to all pages from here. It'll just take forever!!
Main Index Links
This began as the main index links page, but it seems it has turned into a "doorway" to my other sidebars and entrances to pages. It's a pretty page, but you may get LOST if you enter from here.
Find The Sig Box
If you are really new to html, start here. It's kinda the html for "boneheads" part. After all if ya can't find the sig box, ya cant do much yet, now can ya? So maybe ya better start here.
Finding URL's
Another page for new people. You'll need to know how to find a url of the image, sound, page or whatever else you wanna attach. See how to do that here.
Applying Backgrounds
This page will show you how to apply gifs or jpg's as full page backgrounds. It also explains how to use color numbers or names to provide a full background. Definately a " must see " for all of you who are new to html.
Adding Sounds
Adding sound is one way to add interest to your pages. Here you'll see how to embed it, attach as bgsound and loop it as well as attach it as a clickable sound link. I love sound on pages and spend a lot of time finding good quality sounds.I especially like the midi attached to this page. I hope you enjoy what you hear.
Adding Images
A couple of pages here discussing adding images and beginning to show you how to add images using different style borders and various table elements. I think you'll like these.
Text And Font
Ohh, I wish I could say i did a great job on this page, but in fact..ummm...nuh uh ! Luckily "WarpSpeed" was kind enough to save me..
( and YOU ) with some helpful information. Hopefully I'll do better with this one later.
Misc. Functions And Codes
This is actually another "doorway" to more of the main html help site. Here you'll find help in making links and for making tables and other fun things, like codes for marquees. as well as for thumbnails
( within the tables section ).
And even more on alignment of images and text. And hidden in there are a few surprises. There's still room to expand to other areas here.
aaa-na's Index Of Pages
This goes back to main index of pages. It has over 200 pages I have made on various subjects as well as links to many pages made by others. It's a collection that has taken more than two years to aquire. Sharing them is most of the fun !
Sign , View, Add And Comment
By clicking above, you can sign and "view " the guestbook, as well as add a link to your own pages and also. send me comments.I truly hope that some of what is in my pages has been helpful to you. Please come back for another visit, I doubt that this site will
be totally finished!
There's just TOO MUCH
fun stuff out there !!!