Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War

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Rev. H. D. Barry, P.P.

Summary: 60 enlisted, 10 killed, 8 wounded

Almon, Pte. Franklin,                              Depot Bn. 
Almon, Sgt. J. M., M.S.M.,                         C.E. 
Almon, Sgt. John,                                  16th Bn., C.I. 
Almon, Cpl. John D.,                               13th Bn., C.I. 
Almon, Spr. William, A.,                           C.E. 
*Bonner, Pte. James,                               185th Bn., C.I. 
Broderick, Pte. David,                             A.E.F. 
Calney, Pte. Hartland,                             185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Cantwell, Spr. Amos,                               13th Bn., C.R.T. 
Cantwell, Pte. James,                              13th Bn., C.I. 
Carberry, Pte. James,                              Depot Bn. 
*Cormier, Pte. Chas.,                              Croix de Guerre, French Army 
Devoe, Pte. Jerry,                                 17th Reserve Bn. 
**Doucette, Pte. James,                            185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
*Doucette, Pte. Thomas,                            17th Field Batt., C.F.A. 
*Doyle, Pte. James C.,                             185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
DUNPHY, PTE. JAMES,                                25th Bn., C.I. 
DUNPHY, PTE. WILLIAM,                              25th Bn., C.I. 
Fortune, Pte. Frank,                               185th Bn., C.I. 
Fortune, Pte. George,                              185th Bn., C.I. 
GOUTHRO, PTE. JOHN,                                25th Bn., C.I. 
Herve, Sgt. A. J.,                                 no entry 
Jessome, Pte. Chas. H.,                            R.C.R., C.I. 
JESSOME, PTE. DAMASE,                              no entry 
Jessome, Pte. Fred,                                no entry 
JESSOME, PTE. IGNATIUS,                            185th Bn., C.I. 
JESSOME, PTE. JAMES L.,                            13th Bn., C.I. 
King, Pte. George,                                 no entry 
*LeBlanc, Sgt. Andrew,                             85th Bn., C.I. 
LeBlanc, Pte. Joseph,                              23rd Reserve Bn. 
*LeBlanc, Pte. Solomon,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
LeBlanc, Pte. William,                             C.I. 
LeGoff, Julien, Croix de Guerre                    Bat. Des. Fusiliers, French Army 
Leviomoir, Pte. Leon J.,                           C.E. 
Marsh, Pte. Dennis,                                Depot Bn. 
MOORE, PTE. GEORGE,                                25th Bn., C.I. 
McEachern, Pte. Dan,                               Western Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Vincent,                           185th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Cpl. John F.,                           6th Bn., C.G.R. 
McGrath, Pte. James,                               no entry 
McIntosh, Pte. George,                             Depot Bn.   
McKinnon, Pte. Joseph,                             no entry 
McKinnon, Pte. Charles,                            no entry 
McKinnon, Pte. Michael,                            185th Bn., C.I. 
McLellan, Pte. James,                              4th Batt., C.F.A. 
McLellan, Pte. Malcolm,                            1st Depot Bn. 
MCPHERSON, PTE. ALLAN G.,                          185th Bn., C.I. 
*McReady, Pte. John Jas.,                          185th Bn., C.I. 
Newton, Pte. Wm.,                                  185th Bn., C.I. 
O'Toole, Cpl. John M.,                             C.A.M.C. 
Phalen, Pte. W. D.,                                Australian Ex. Force 
RICHARD, PTE. JOSEPH,                              Australian Ex. Force 
Walker, Pte. Donald,                               185th Bn., C.I. 
Walker, Pte. George,                               Can. Pioneer Bn. 
Walker, Pte. Peter J.,                             185th Bn., C.I. 
White, Pte. Bert,                                  10th Bn., C.R.T. 
Young, Pte. Alex,                                  Depot Bn. 
Young, Pte. Alonzo,                                185th Bn., C.I. 
Young, Pte. Laury,                                 Depot Bn. 


Rev. D. Patton, P.P.

Summary: 18 enlisted

Bray, Pte. Andrew,                                 1st Depot Bn.  
Chisholm, Cpl. Colin A.,                           C.A.M.C. 
Giffin, Pte. Spencer,                              85th Bn., C.I. 
Hannifan, Pte. William,                            1st Depot Bn. 
Holland, Pte. Francis,                             1st Depot Bn. 
Holland, Pte. Frederick,                           no entry 
Holland, Pte. Henry,                               no entry 
Holland, Pte. James,                               no entry 
Horrigan, Pte. Oliver,                             1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, N.S., Jessie,                           C.A.M.C. 
MacIsaac, Pte. Alex.,                              25th Bn., C.I. 
MacIsaac, Pte. Alex.,                              Western Bn. 
MacIsaac, Pte. W. D.,                              85th Bn., C.I. 
MacLean, Sgt. John Francis, M. M.,                 Western Bn. 
MacPherson, Pte. Archibald,                        no entry 
MacPherson, Pte. James,                            1st Depot Bn. 
MacPherson, Pte. John,                             C.F.C. 
Wall, Pte. James,                                  C.A.M.C. 



Rev. M. J. Wallace, P.P.

Summary: 32 enlisted, 3 killed

Baldin, Pte. Anthony,                               A.E.F. 
Baldin, Pte. Charles,                               23rd Bn. C.I. 
Bates, Pte. James D.,                               25th Bn., C.I. 
promoted from ranks                                 25th Bn., C.I. 
Bates Pte. Patrick,                                 78th Bn., C.I. 
Burke, Pte. Cyril,                                  185th Bn., C.I. 
Burke, Pte. Patrick J.,                             Construction Corps. 
Burke, Pte. W. James,                               C.F.C. 
Comeau, Pte. Frank,                                 185th Bn., C.I. 
Connington, Pte. William,                           185th Bn., C.I. 
Ferguson, Pte. C. H.,                               4th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
FERGUSON, L-CPL. JOHN D.,                           25th Bn., C.I. 
Kehoe, Pte. George,                                 Construction Corps. 
Kelly, Pte. George,                                 C.R.T. 
Kelly, Pte. Isidore,                                12th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
Kelly, Sailor John,                                 British Navy 
Kelly, Pte. Michael,                                R.A.F. 
Kennedy, Sgt. Harry E.,  
promoted from ranks,                                R.C.G.A. 
Kennedy, Pte. Richard,                              94th Reg't. 
MacDonald, Pte. John,                               C.R.T. 
MacDonald, Pte. Hugh,                               185th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Peter,                              C.R.T. 
MacKinnon, Pte. Danald J.,                          91st Bn., C.I. 
MacKinnon, Pte. Michael,                            Navy Wireless Operator 
MacKinnon, Pte. Daniel,                             94th Reg't. 
McNeil, Pte. Dan Williams,                          1st Depot Bn. 
McNeil, Pte. John N.,                               25th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
McNeil, Pte. J. J.,                                 85th Bn., C.I. 
Pope, Pte. James P.,                                C.R.T. 
POWER, PTE. NORMAN L.,                              36th Bn., C.F.A. 
Power, Pte. Michael,                                R.A.F. 
Price, Pte. Dennis,                                 Construction Corps. 



Rev. J. A. Butts, P.P.

Summary: 57 enlisted, 6 killed, 7 wounded

Campbell, Pte. Daniel,                              no entry 
Campbell, Spr. John,                                C.E. 
Conners, Pte. Charles,                              no entry 
Currie, Pte. John D.,                               25th Bn., C.I. 
*Currie, Pte. Joseph,                               17th Bn., C.I. 
Francis, Pte. John F.,                              25th Bn., C.I. 
Fraser, Pte. Colin,                                 no entry 
Fraser, Pte. John G.,                               C.I. 
Fraser, Pte. William B.,                            no entry 
Gillis, Pte. Hugh,                                  A.E.F. 
Gillis, Pte. Raymond,                               85th Bn., C.I. 
*Hall, Pte. Joseph Francis,                         85th Bn., C.I. 
Johnston, Pte. Roderick,                            no entry 
Keating, Pte. Benjamin J.,                          85th Bn., C.I. 
Keating, Pte. Robert T.,                            106th Bn., C.I. 
Kelly, Pte. Francis B.,                             no entry 
Kelly, Gnr. James B.,                               11th Batt., C.F.A. 
Kennedy, Pte. Harry,                                85th Bn., C.I. 
MARTIN, CAPT. J. J.,                                103rd Bn., C.I. 
Mooney, Pte. Leo,                                   1st Depot Bn. 
MCARTHUR, PTE. JOHN A.,                             40th Bn., C.I. 
McArthur, W. B., no rank,                           Navy 
MacDonald, Cpl. Alexander,                          85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Allan D.,                           72nd Seaforth Highlanders 
MacDonald, Pte. Andrew,                             85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Duncan,                             no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. Hugh A.,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. John,                               no entry 
MacDonald, Gnr. John H.,                            28th Batt., C.F.A. 
MacDonald, Pte. John K.,                            40th Bn., C.I. 
**MacDonald, Pte. Martin,                           85th Bn., C.I. 
MACDONALD, PTE. RODERICK,                           Field Ambulance Corps. 
MacDonald, Pte. Roderick J.,                        A.E.F. 
MacDonald, Pte. William B.,                         54th Bn., C.I. 
MacDougall, Pte. Angus D.,                          85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDougall, Pte. Archie,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
MacInnis, Gnr. Daniel,                              C.F.A. 
*MacInnis, Pte. Duncan,                             no entry 
MacInnis, Pte. Neil,                                1st Depot Bn. 
*MacInnis, Pte. Roderick,                           Can. Pioneer Bn. 
MacKay, Pte. Daniel F.,                             64th Bn., C.I. 
*MacKenzie, Pte. Allan,                             no entry 
MacKenzie, Pte. Edward,                             1st Depot Bn. 
MacKenzie, Pte. Michael,                            no entry 
MacKenzie, Pte. William B.,                         no entry 
MacKinnon, Pte. John H.,                            193rd Bn., C.I. 
MacKinnon, Pte. Lauchlin, M.M.,                     40th Bn., C.I. 
MACLEAN, PTE. HECTOR F.,                            106th Bn., C.I. 
MacLean, Pte. Patrick,                              1st Depot Bn. 
MacNeil, Sgt. Daniel,                               C.A.M.C. 
MCQUIRK, PTE. GEORGE,                               1st Depot Bn. 
Pearson, Pte. Bernard,                              1st Depot Bn. 
ROACH, PTE. WILLIAM,                                no entry 
Sampson, Pte. Edward,                               no entry 
**Savage, Gnr. Daniel,                              C.D.A.C. 
Thompson, Pte. William B.,                          17th Res. Bn. 



Rev. J. F. MacMaster, P.P.

Summary: 40 enlisted, 6 killed, 3 wounded

Basker, Spr. John A.,                              69th Batt., C.F.A. 
Basker, Pte. John W.,                              no entry 

Beaton, Pte. Alexander,                            no entry 
Beaton, Pte. Dan Angus,                            1st Depot Bn. 
Beaton, Pte. Dan S.,                               1st Depot Bn. 
Beaton, Pte. John F.,                              1st Depot Bn. 
Beaton, Pte. John Y.,                              no entry 
Beaton, Pte. Neil A.,                              1st Depot Bn. 
Boyle, Pte. Angus J.,                              55th Reg't., A.E.F. 
Burke, Pte. Dougald A.,                            1st Depot Bn. 
Doyle, Spr. Patrick V.,                            106th Bn., C.I. 
Finn, Spr. Neil G.,                                C.E. 
FINN, PTE. JOHN W.,                                85th Bn., C.I. 
Fitzgerald, Pte. Edward,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Alex. F.,                               Navy 
MACDONALD, PTE. ANGUS,                             85TH Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Angus A.,                          A.E.F. 
MACDONALD, PTE. DANIEL,                            56th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. John A.,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Pte. John A.,                           no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. John Alex.,                        1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Pte. Kenneth,                           1st Depot Bn. 
*MacEachern, Pte. Dan,                             21st Bn., C.I. 
MACKAY, PTE. JAMES,                                24th Bn., C.I. 
MACKAY, PTE. JOHN,                                 2nd Bn., C.I. 
*MacKenzie, Pte. Arthur L.,                        85th Bn., C.I. 
MacKenzie, Pte. Clarence,                          85th Bn., C.I. 
MacNeil, Pte. Alex,                                A.E.F. 
*MacNeil, Sgt. John L., M.M.,                      10th Bn., C.I. 
MacPhee, Pte. John,                                1st Depot Bn. 
MacPhee, Pte. John D.,                             1st Depot Bn. 
MacQuarrie, Pte. Edward,                           A.E.F. 
Miller, Pte. John,                                 no entry 
Nicholson, Pte. Alex.,                             10th Bn., C.I. 
Nicholson, Pte. Colin C.,                          C.F.A. 
Nicholson, Pte. John A.,                           1st Depot Bn. 
Rankin, Pte. Kenneth,                              A.E.F. 
SMITH, SPR. JAMES,                                 106th Bn., C.I. & C.E. 
Wilmot, Pte. Joseph,                               no entry 
Wilmot, Pte. Ronald J.,                            40th Bn., C.I. 


Copyright© Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998