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Me, Mezzotint & My Eternal Thanks

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Fall of 1998
Rumors began to circulate that their might finally be a Polaris CD with tunes from Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Many people had the Happily Deranged tape from Kellogg's from back in 1995. This gave us three excellent tunes, but people wanted more.

Across the Internet, more Pete & Pete sites popped up. Lyrics were discussed and guessed at on mailing lists. Lots of great people began to put out samples of music on their sites. Some of it was Polaris from the endings of Pete & Pete episodes and some of it was pure Miracle Legion, Polaris' big brother, so to speak. I began to listen to these samples in earnest and really loved it. The recordings were very low quality (to save disk space) to be certain, but it gave a great taste of what was there. Snacks & Candy became a song that I just couldn't stop playing. I know what it's about, but it's just such a catchy tune.

Winter of 1998/1999
At last, the release date was set: 1-January-1999. With the start of the new year approaching, people ordered the Polaris CD and waited. I held off for some reason. I don't know why. I and certainly others with P&P web pages fielded questions on how to get the CD. I decided to call Mezzotint myself and Elsa got back to me with the revised date, 21-January-1999, and other details on what all was still available. The CDs were not back from the publisher yet.

By this time, I was listening to my sound clips over and over and was enjoying Miracle Legion so much that I had decided to order everything I could find. I'd also called other record shops in Columbus and began trying to track down titles that Mezzotint didn't offer. I took 11 small clips from Drenched and put them all together as one sound file. It was a sampler of sorts, with almost 4 minutes of music from the CD, and I played it over and over.

Tuesday, 26th of January 1999
Finally, I just had to place my order. I was working out of town at the time and since I didn't have the checkbook, I bought a money order at a drug store. Being impatient, I went ahead and paid for a 2 to 3 day mailer at the post office, putting my order letter, the money order and envelope into the larger mailer. I figured that this way, my order might be received by Friday and I might have everything in the beginning of next week.

The last week in February 1999
When others on the mailing list began to get their CDs, I realized that something was wrong. I held out for a while and finally called up Mezzotint around the 21st of February. I left a message indicating when I had placed my order and wondering if it had been shipped yet. Elsa got back to me with a voicemail and gave me an email address to write and provide further details. I typed up an almost anal-retentive list of what I sent: how the mailer looked, some information that should be on the money order. This I gathered from a receipt from an earlier money order I had used for something else, but purchased from the same store. I also included a copy of the text of my order letter with the email. I send that email on the 22nd of February.

Elsa wrote me back that evening and said that they hadn't found any letter that matched my order. She had gone back over the previous orders and didn't see mine, nor my name in the mailing database. She suggested that I determine if the money order were cashed. I'm still trying to find the receipt so that I can do just that.

Thursday, 25th of February 1999
I checked my voicemail and found that Mark Mulcahy had left me a message on the previous morning. I was ecstatic! He said that he'd heard that I'd had problems with my order and he didn't want that for me. Mark also summarized what Elsa had said, that I should try and determine if the money order had been cashed. He requested that I call him back at the ordering number and give him additional details.

Well, I called back that day and left a message re-iterating my situation. I left my work number and home number, but said that he really didn't have to call. I was planning on placing my order again with a personal check, and that I would be doing a stop-pay on the money order as soon as I could locate the receipt.

At around 10:45pm Mark called me at home.

I was stunned! I did not expect such a personal touch. We spoke for a few minutes and he said again that he didn't want me to have a problem with the order. I said that I wasn't upset at Mezzotint at all. I was glad for all the personal attention I had been receiving from everyone. For all I know, my order is lost in the mail. I had really thought of mailing it certified.

I told him some of how I really enjoyed music of both Miracle Legion and Polaris and that I hoped that more old Miracle Legion would be available. He said that there would be a catalog of sorts and that Me and Mr. Ray was listed in the catalog. I spoke of how much I really enjoyed Drenched and was looking for it. He said that all of those they had were ones they were going to hang on to. He said that I should be able to find it fairly easily and I agreed. I told him that I could get it from Tower records.

Mark said that he had been to my site; he remembered that it was the one with the cool plaid background. I talked of all the other things I wanted to put on it such as pages on the video tapes and when I went down to Cranford New Jersey.

He asked if one of the things I was really waiting on was the Polaris CD. I said, well, yes, but I really did want to order everything. He asked for my home address. He asked for me to go ahead and straighten out things with the money order and to resend my order.

Mark then said that he would go ahead and send out a copy of the Polaris CD to me tomorrow (Friday).

I said that would be great but that he didn't have to do that. He said that he didn't want me to have to wait another week for the music. I was deeply impressed. We spoke a bit more and he said that if they were to find my order eventually say, behind the filing cabinet, they would send it back to me.

Man, I was impressed! I did not expect this at all. This reminded me of how great it was to talk to Glenn Danzig back in 1994. I'm going to make a page about that eventually.

To Mark, Elsa and everyone else at the Mezzotint Label:

Thank you so very much.

Thank you all for being so conscientious towards your fans. Thanks for being attentive, courteous, and genuinely concerned. And, especially, for doing for something I never, ever expected. You folks are great! You have a fan for life in me.

My re-order will be in the mail Saturday morning.

I was so geared up that when I finally went to sleep, I woke back up at 1 am, and had to think about it all over again before I could get back to sleep.


Monday, 1st of March 1999
The CD Polaris, Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete arrived. I sent a short email to Mezzotint a to let them know it arrived and to give them the certified number on my order letter. This time, it will get there.