This is my first (and probably worst) attempt at writing an angel story. I picked up this idea from Never Comes To Mind (and I'm pretty pissed at LaLaCat, but anyway) and I thought it was a pretty cool concept to work with. I don't exactly research angels all the time, so I made up my own rules...which made it easier. I have to say it, I had a hell of a lot of fun writing this. I know it's short, but, well, so is Soldier and everyone liked it. So this is it. It's set in late spring of next year, late March to be precise. I think it spans a few months, because it ends in October of next year. Either that or I was being lazy and didn't fix a writing glitch. Starlight, aptly named for this, is fifteen. She had hippie parents who were hippies before their time, because I wanted to name her Starlight and she had to have been born in the forties sometime. And as for Starlight's sense of style, well, let's just say she's a little wild for an angel.

Chapter One: The Bathroom Counter
Chapter Two: Angel Of The Morning
Chapter Three: Silver Halos and Dying Wings
Chapter Four: Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
Chapter 5: Destinies Revealed
Chapter 6: Wickit The Wonder Dog
Interlude: Mummy Dearest
Chapter Seven: Is God[dess] Allowed To Swear?
Epilogue: Happily Ever After...
Epilogue II: The End. Period.

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