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- World History -
National Monarchies: France
King Louis XIV


Louis XIV (1643 - 1715)
Louis XIV was the son of Louis XIII. He ruled for 72 years. Since Louis XIV took over at age five, his mother (Anne of Austria - a Spanish Hapsburg) ruled for him. Louis XIV was very short and was always in high heels. He was harsh, egotistical, and only moderately smart. Louis XIV had common sense and the ability to recognize talent.

King Louis XIV
Statue of Louis XIV at Notre Dame

His was a standout style, and he loved being king. Louis XIV married Marie Therese of Spain to fulfill a treaty. He had a mistress who gave him children. Another mistress, Mme. de Montespan, gave him eight kids, but was disgraced for poisoning nobles. So Louis got another mistress.

Cardinal Mazarin took over as chief minister after Richelieu's death. He was very powerful.

Palace at Versaille
Palace at Versaille

Louis XIV believed in the "Divine Right of Kings" - the king's power came from God. He established an absolute monarchy. He ruled by himself after Mazarin's death in 1661. Louis XIV increased the glory and power of France. He was known as "The Sun King." He built a palace at Versaille (1/2 mile long). He made nobles live there and work there, and this became "the" place to be.

Palace at Versaille
The palace at Versaille became a hated symbol of the nobility's
lack of concern over how the poor and destitute lived.

Arts and culture flourished. France set the styles for Europe. He spent too much money, and France became in trouble financially. Louis XIV persecuted Huguenots - he wanted one king, one law, one faith. He had too much power and other countries resisted, leading to four wars between 1667 - 1714. Louis XIV died in 1715. France was broke because of the wars and extravagant spending.

Nobles at palace at Versaille
Hundreds of nobles lived at the palace in opulent style while France was virtually bankrupt.

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