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Somewhere past spring and before winter . . . .  Thank you for your contributions!

 Artists and their poems on this page:  

1-  I AM by Cynthia ,
2 - Freedom by Amber Musick ,
3 - When First I Saw Your Soft Brown Eyes ,
4 - Compus Mentis (?)  by Ang Harwood,  
5 - The Forgotten one.  by Lord Pineapple,
6 - line after line by peter stayne,
7 - A Personal Eulogy  by Leigh Engel,
8 - Armageddon  by nobel victor

 about your poem: I wrote this poem on an 8 hour flight....ugg!!! This lady behind us had like 5 kids who were kicking us in the back.  Anyway, this is just my personal, funny out-take on the whole situation.

    Freedom by Amber Musick

Oh how I long to be free,
 From this enclosed cavity.
 Annoying kids,
 Screaming moms,
 What the hell did we do wrong?
 Up in the air,
 Miles away,
 Our cares have yet to float away.
 One more hour,
 The lady behind us has no power.
 Sarcasm spews,
 Like sap from a tree.
 Please, dear god, let us, soon be free

© Amber Musick

  When First I Saw Your Soft Brown Eyes by T. R. Barnett

 When first I saw your soft brown eyes
 My thoughts exhaled with every breath
 I could not speak save in my heart
 Enchanted by your loveliness.

 You stole my heart with lavish smiles
 While stars unveiled their glittering hue
 And brought along with evening shade
 The beauty of eternal youth.

 I should have been my lady fair
 A gallant Cavalier
 And you a maiden in distress
 To rescue from the dragon's lair.

 Through all the years we've been together
 My heart still soars on Angel wings
 Each day rewarded with new pleasure
 By the grandeur of the songs you sing.

 Yet still I see those soft brown eyes
 That danced upon this poet's soul
 And stirred within a lovers heart
 A passion that forever grows!

©  Thomas R. Barnett

  I AM by Cynthia

  I am the sun, the moon, the stars.
 I am the history, the realities, the dreams.
 I am joy, tears, laughter.
 I am the forests, the desert, the wilderness.
  I am the past, the present, the future.
 I am the wind, the rain, the snow.
 Make of me what you will,
 For I am you, and you will be with me forever.

©Cynthia   (website)

  Compus Mentis(?)  by Ang Harwood

I feel a shivering,
a quivering kind of feeling,
lying flat on the floor,
looking up at the ceiling.
Losing control of all sensations,
sensing a loss of communication
between empty heart
and heavy head,
legs becoming like lumps of lead.
Hiding in darkness,
yet craving light,
keep dreaming,
don't give up the fight.
Building mindless towers
in a powerless mind,
erected against the daily grind
of normality,
a reality?
I am a fly
in a spider's web,
wrapped safely
in her silken thread.
A false security,
secure in falsety,
I pretend....

©  Ang Harwood

  The Forgotten one .   by Lord Pineapple

In the prone silence of the body
There still beats a heart
Gentler now that death
Has started to arrive
In the form of a cancer
That eats up the skin.

In the prone silence of the body
There still pulsates a brain
Sharper than ever
Now that the future is shrinking
Into a nothingness
Of a grey void.

In the prone silence of the body
A smile begins
As it touches the simple pleasures of life
So long forgotten,
When time was as eternal
As the waves upon the shore.

©  Lord Pineapple      website

  A Personal Eulogy  by Leigh Engel

When I have passed, I ask of thee
Within your heart, remember me;
In thought, recall sweet memory
-of precious moments passed.
If love for me, you hold within
Know that we will meet again
Great reunion we'll share then
-For eternity to last.

When I have passed from this life on
Let not grief be all thought upon
Think of times before I'd gone
-Give comfort those outlived me.
If somewhere in my life, have I
Brought grief to you before I died
Do know that on my knees, I've cried
That almighty God forgive me.

If my presence felt, please do not fear it
In the breeze I'll whisper for you to hear it
For I am near in spirit
-Even as you mourn.
Wipe the tear stains from your face
For I have reached far better place
'Twas lifted with Heaven's sweet embrace
-To a new beginning, reborn.

For those that were to me so close
Those people that I loved the most
Take comfort knowing I arose
-I await you each, above.
And though I wake on earth no more
As the many times I have before
I await thee now at Heaven's door
-To embrace again in love.

©    Leigh Engel

  line after line by peter stayne

spin cycle
concious deep freeze
edit line after line of black static noise
rudder tale stretched in purple and black
that one pristine moment
speech slows to a crawl
all the words i hear
i love you
again and again
contact unneccessary
we know each other now
as the lost and now found
i love this moment
tossed overboard
heard over
again and again
she is so beautiful
minefield of cliches
all the words i hear
i love you

©   peter stayne     website

  Armageddon   by nobel victor

 This infant species
  Which has yet to learn to walk,
  Is crawling towards a cliff
  Led by the haunting sounds
  Of a spring breeze above
 And the beckoning, crashing waves,
 Down below.
 Yet to the cliff we race.
 Shoving each other aside.
 As we rush up, to the edge
 To fall
 Do we know what is in the waters below?
 To survive
 Holding to nothing but a winning dream?
 Those we shoved aside as we rose,
 Higher up that most challenging peak?
 Did they push us over?
 Will we make it back to shore,
  To try that climb again?
 Or will we succumb
 To the monsters of the sea

©  nobel victor


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