Puppy Heart-Felt Love

My loving heart was shattered in numerous hurtful places,
No longer able to feel the touch of loving embraces.
Unable to mend itself, it laid silently and quietly alone.
Echoing heartbeats heard were that of only my own.

Dark days and lonely nights, my yearning heart cried,
Wishing hoping, to love with a whole heart, but that was denied.
Losing hope and remembering all the days before had been,
Heartfelt tears, never sealed the wound that was felt within.

Previously the special heart day of the year held no remembrances,
To make one's heart feel exceptional, with tender loving experiences.
Valentine's Day, entered into my life of Neeka with dark understanding eyes,
Amazing looks, questioning wonder, luscious licks, I began to give rise.

Puppy breath, puppy belly, puppy love, filled my lonely damaged heart,
Puppy excitement, puppy antics, puppy devotion to never be apart.
Sharp, jagged pieces of my heart commenced to heal with each lonely day,
Love, excitement, affection, devotion, eased the skies of gray.

Magical healing powers is the power of Neeka's unconditional puppy love,
Her giving heart healed my heart of hurts, was sent from someone above.
Heartbeats, not one but two now heard, growing stronger with each bright day,
Beating lovingly together, never again, to fear an unexpected good-bye.

© Marsha (Therrien) Royce

Puppy Heart-Felt Love  xx by M T Royce

Best of 2005