Sienna the Temptress by Anonymous

Cupid's arrow flies once more And yet he does miss me
There I lay a virgin maid, my lover comes to kiss me

  Reach by
Beth A. Christianson

Reach your highest potential.
Fulfill your ultimate dreams.
Life the life
that you've dreamed.

Beth A. Christianson

My heart does not cry for his tender touch, nor do I draw a breath
He turns away without my love to go and wait his death
He leaves behind his wounded heart a trophy at my feet
Goodbye my once proud warrior now lowly and so weak
I was blessed with beauty but born with a cruel soul
And where you would expect a heart there is but a hole
My skin has been compared to the purest earth a soft sienna brown
My eyes were stolen from the stars intense and so profound
My hai r creeps down in sun kissed curls like a lions mane
My lips are so erotically formed to look fills one with shame
I am Mohini the temptress I am Aphrodite reborn
I will entice you with my spirit then devastate you with my scorn
So many come to steal my heart
But it does not exist
And all it take to steal there will
Is but a single kiss

What Is Love ? by Citana

It has no definition, no boundary or line
It can transform a heart that is cold into one that is kind
It makes you powerless, helpless and blinds you to what is real
Such is love, there is no explanation for the way you feel.
There is always a smile fixated upon your face
Because in your heart no one can do you harm, with love you feel safe.
It keeps your mind occupied, you almost never feel lonely
Because you are always wrapped up in some sweet memory.
Such is love when the world doesn't even matter
When something moves so deep within you
It fades everything else away.
Such is love when you have thoughts that keep you up all night
Asking yourself what is it that makes you feel so right.
It is love when you feel captivated
Held prisoner by an emotion that keeps your spirit elevated.
A feeling that must be allowed to be free, it cant be prohibited
It stops your heart and freezes your thoughts, but never makes you agitated.
Filled with compassion, so nurturing
Its the most truthful thing
The sweetest thing and it cant be denied.
But what is love without someone to share it with?
And what is a heart that knows no love?
What is a soul that's empty and lonely?
What is a mind that's never conceived a love story?
Such is love an emotion that defeats your heart
One so complicated, its difficult to understand, but tempting from the start.
Either case there are always those who always say "I love you "
Always those who believe in this higher emotion even when it isn't true
Such is love whether it be true or false
A powerful emotion that emerges at the strangest times without any warning or cause.

Daddy's Farm by Donald G. Deaton
Donald G. Deaton

When I was but a child of three
I spent many hours on daddy's knee
I listened to his stories, fables and yarns
I learned of his dreams about raising his farm

Now daddy never spoke of corn or wheat
Only a hard days work in the summer heat
Not of horses and cattle or a fence to mend
Or how long it took or how much we spend

He always spoke of the crops he would raise
And if done right, would take all of his days
So much to consider when tending a farm
And if he made a mistake, would it cause much harm

Years came and went and time passed by
But I still remember the look in his eye
When walking with dad and holding his arm
Listening as he talked about his wonderful farm

Now it was on a Sunday, while visiting dad
Noticing the wrinkles and feeling so sad
Time has no friends and years seem so cruel
Age catches us all, it's life's simple rule

Dad spoke to us children, and all were there that day
Listen closely, he said, I have something to say
In the hall there's a mirror, as you leave here please gaze
The results of my farming, my crops are all raised.


                           Only Hollow Silence by Patrick

                           Connections to the Moon, mood often swings with the cycle of that shimmering orb.

                           Waves that never meet the shores.

                           Stars fall into the sea, from celestial gusts that blow away the pathways to heaven.

                           Stirrings in elemental imagination, memory of want, knows only hollow silence.

                           Poets observe with the eyes of empty hands.
                           To learn ecstasy.

                           Tame fate and rule destiny.

                           Hope where stones lie beneath the watery eternal depths and all but fade.

                           Unable to shake loose from all controlling endlessly waves are rolling.

                           The seaward gulls call out their sorrows.

                           Flights of anguish mining the past of all its golden graceful ghosts.

                           Ride the ebb and flow of life as ships passing nightly on stormy oceans crests.

                           Grace having perhaps exclusive requests.

                           A moment sought in rest, then lightly fluttering away.

                           See the dawn at a safe distance from the sacred ceremonies is a mystery set                                    -aside for serenity.

                           Lost in the clouds that float passing the fullness of life.

                           All the clouds like dreams lie dormant inaccessible in skies unknown.

                           Clouds and dreams they float past out of view.


Sonnet Slumber by
Aurora Antonovic

The stars came down in harmony,
Assembled, sparkling, in mid-air,
The night took on, in midnight hue,
Meticulous,  black velvet care.

The moon hung steadily in place,
And shone in watchful, brilliant glow,
The sky waited, in reverent hush,
As all was still, in sleep, below.

Imagine my delight to find,
After I slept so peacefully,
That I awoke with thoughts of you,
And found I'd dreamt in  poetry!

Allow me by Farida Mihoub
Farida Mihoub

Please allow my imagination to ramble
And spread its wings where trouble
Will not be the disturbing element
To this flight I want to understand

It will go beyond mountains and seas

Above grassland, meadows, and trees
It will fly like a magic carpet
Past every star and planet

 Please allow my imagination to hike

So it unveils this invisible light
And discover wonderful heights

That will reveal exclusive sights


It will bring every sign and allusion
Into harmonious comprehension

And melodic explanations

Will sing their wisdom

Please allow my imagination to roam
To where it can strike home 

Please allow my imagination to unfold 
Our true love uncontrolled                        

Old Friends
       by Tatjanna Miller


       Away the wind would take me,

       To a far off distant land.
Of meadows of green

       and skies of blue,
no adult would understand.

       Softly my dreams would take me,

       upon a yonder course.

       Of misty morning skies of gray,

       upon my big white horse.

       Alas! I have aged and my hiding
place is gone.

       I wish that I were young again,
So I may carry on.
But hush, what is that creeping

       as I close my eyes to sleep?

       The merry friends of childhood,

       have come back for me to greet!


               I'M SURE YOU ARE AN ANGEL
               by Michelle Wood


               I'm sure you are an angel sent from high above,

               I'm sure you are an angel sent down to show me love.

               I'm sure you are an angel when we kiss the heavens sing,

               I'm sure you are an angel I'm sure I glimpsed your angels wing.

               I'm sure you are an angel I see it deep inside your eyes,

               I'm sure you are an angel with spiritual heavenly ties.

               I'm sure you are an angel with a powerful healing touch,

               I'm sure you are an angel to show your love so much.

               I'm sure you are an angel I've felt it from the start,

               Inside I felt your angels wings flying round my heart.


Best of 2003