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 Avoid Redundancies:  

 Try not to use two words when one will do.

The word Redundant means: Using  more words  than necessary. Repetitive or unnecessary  repetition

  Examples below. Submit yours.

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at this point in time

I myself

Dead body (in news reports)

Look straight at me (thanks Roger!)

add together

added bonus (Thanks Wendy)

advance forecast (Thanks Wendy)

advance reservation

advance notice (ouch! I use it too )

absolutely certain

plan ahead

added bonus  ( TV ads use it )

all done

auction sale

cash money

completely full

I personally

How old are you now? (thanks again Roger! Good one!)

Call me later (from Roger!)

sight-seeing 04/24/01

hope to hear from you in the future

positively sure (thanks Kiernan! 04/10/01)


 Astute award to Mario Mendez!   Mario is the only person to notice that *added bonus* twice in Avoid Redundancies Examples List.  
Did you?  ;-)

strangled to death (Thanks Vonnie!)

We both  & uninvited intruder

Your Example:


Thanks Angie!)





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