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 A list of beginner hints:

 Online  articles  are viewed differently  than  print articles.  Consider the  following tips for  beginners,  especially  when  writing  and designing  articles  for
paying web productions. Remember, though, that these are only guidelines.


 When you find a site, analyze its format.  Analyze it again before you submit your article.  The Web is a constantly changing medium. Format's change. Requirements vary.

Some sites include submission guidelines or an "about us" section where you can determine  their particular slant and desired audience. If not, you could request guidelines through a site e-mail address.


Break longer articles into sections.  Remember the size of a computer screen.

Think ease of reading for the eyes, brain, and fingers.

Use headers for paragraphs. A quick scan can zero in on particular areas of interest.

Eliminate endless scrolling.


At the end of your article, provide three to  five outside links to other related areas.

Note: Do not provide outside links within the body of your article. You risk losing the  reader to another site before they've finished your article. If you do, make sure the outside links open in a new window.

Use internal links to take you to other spots  within your article.


Brief is ideal. People's time is as valuable as your own.

Think of quick, snappy reading.

Beware of long paragraphs!

Paragraphs should fit within a screen. Try not to overflow.


Single space. Double space between paragraphs.

Relax. The medium is more  informal than print.

 Underlined links : It confuses readers if underlined words or  passages are *not* links.

Use everyday language. The  web is accessible to everybody.

Beware of redundancies!(see examples) Never use two words when  one will do. I.E. We both went to the store. It reads and means the same by eliminating the word "both."

Use active voice. Eliminate  boredom.

Long sentences bore

Long words aren't impressive.

 Analyze Web  Writing in   paying markets on your own:


This is a listing of writers' classifieds. See if there is a place for your work!

 Please verify guidelines, payment, etc. with a market before submitting material.

 Writers Write

A great one stop resource for professional writers.

 Huge searchable listing of both

nonpaying and paying markets.

 Sympatico Netlife

A quality Canadian Internet magazine.

(links verified August 2000)

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