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Three  cheers for  the accomplishments  of our  poets and writers!  It's  great to  see gold stars on the path of our writing  life.

Your hard work  and commitment is commendable.

It deserves recognition!

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 May this list of "applausishments" inspire you to add even more ovations to your own life path.

     Ovations . . .

July 2001 :  After years of building websites that meant very little to me, I finally answered a huge spot
on my life's to-do list: create a website dedicated to the written word.  Poetry and poetic prose are two things
I do care a lot about and, after a month of hard work,  I've launched it.    
Now if I could only finish that  story I've been working on for the past eight years... :)

November 2000 :    Last week I received a copy of an all rhyming magazine,  called Tales N Rhyme.  
What a rewarding feeling it was to see my poem, "
Raising Kids Is No B


ig Deal" on page 38.  
I have submitted the poem to you for posting, if possible.  By the way!  If you love rhyming poetry as I do,
this new quarterly magazine  will certainly fill your appetite.  Here is the address, Tales N Rhyme, PO Box 5897, 
Glendale, CA 91201-5897   An excited
Roger J. Robicheau, The Poetic Plumber

August 2000 : Hi!  I'm almost finished illustrating my first book.  I can't believe how excited I am about my work.  
I've done some research into local publishers and I  can't wait to show them what I've done.  I can see it now . . . dolls, cartoons, videos!  Take care and remember: We might as well aim for the sky.  Best wishes to you! ~   Mina

July 2000 :  At long last, I have finished my novel!  Yes, I included poetic prose.  I  don't know exactly how long I took to complete it.  Maybe four or five years.  The freedom, now that it is done, is wonderful.  It is with an editor getting ready for the  publisher.  With fingers crossed . . .  Sienna

January 2000: Roger J. Robicheau    More good news from The Poetic Plumber.   I had a poem published in the January 25th issue of The Berkeley Beacon.  It is the  student newspaper at Emerson College in Boston.  It  is a performing arts college.  The  poem is called First Car.  It is something many of us can relate to.  It feels fabulous to have another poem published!  Roger.

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