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THE STATE I’M IN is a yearly column about my once-a-month New Jersey trips.
Some publications (magazines and newspapers) publish portions of this column.
However, if you wish to read the whole column, I sell that myself and include four color pictures.
This column will prove that there are more places to go to in NJ than Atlantic City.
To order paper copies within the USA, send $3; in North America outside of the USA, send $5 in USA funds; and overseas, send $10 in USA funds.
Issue #1:
7. SANDY HOOK-NJ’s northernmost beach area offers lessons in history and nature, or you could just have a relaxing time in this non-commercial beach peninsula.
8. SIX FLAGS SAFARI-Drive your own hardtop car or ride the tour bus through the largest safari outside of Africa; unlike Africa, this safari included animals from six continents.
9. MOUNTAIN CREEK-NJ’s largest ski resort also offers quiet autumn getaways for those of us who want to admire the lovely fall foliage.
10. DUKE GARDENS-Tour through 11 theme gardens at the estate of the late Doris Duke and feel like you took a trip around the world’s gardens--without the jet lag.
11. LIBERTY VILLAGE OUTLETS-Even if you don’t buy much in these 60 outlet stores offering merchandise at 25% to 65% off, just walking around and browsing at this re-created colonial village is worth the trip.
12. NJ STATE HOUSE-No matter how well or badly you think the lawmakers are running NJ, once you see NJ’s capitol building, you will be impressed from its gold-exterior dome to the floors inside.
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