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THE STATE I’M IN is a yearly column about my once-a-month New Jersey trips.
Some publications (magazines and newspapers) publish portions of this column.
However, if you wish to read the whole column, I sell that myself and include four color pictures.
This column will prove that there are more places to go to in NJ than Atlantic City.
To order paper copies within the USA, send $3; in North America outside of the USA, send $5 in USA funds; and overseas, send $10 in USA funds.
Issue #2:
1. GOLDEN NUGGET ANTIQUE MARKET-around 60 indoor dealers and nearly 200 outdoor dealers sell their merchandise of antiques, collectables, and other items just south of Lambertville.
2. FORD MANSION-learn more about how the Ford family, George and Martha Washington, and Washington’s officers endured one of the worst winters during the American Revolution in Morristown.
3. WALT WHITMAN HOUSE-how the author of Leaves of Grass spent his final days in Camden.
4. RED MILL MUSEUM VILLAGE-find out how this mill operated from 1810 to 1928, and learn about the lives of the people who lived in the adjoining village in Clinton during that time.
5. MONTCLAIR ART MUSEUM-view Native-American art and American art from the 18th century to the present in this mid-sized museum.
6. HURRICANE HARBOR-this water park is the third park to open in this theme-park complex in Jackson.
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