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THE STATE I’M IN is a yearly column about my once-a-month New Jersey trips.
Some publications (magazines and newspapers) publish portions of this column.
However, if you wish to read the whole column, I sell that myself and include four color pictures.
This column will prove that there are more places to go to in NJ than Atlantic City.
To order paper copies within the USA, send $3; in North America outside of the USA, send $5 in USA funds; and overseas, send $10 in USA funds.
Issue #4:
1.RESORTS and the ATLANTIC CITY HISTORICAL MUSEUM—I spent this whole year visiting Atlantic City (AC); after all, it’s the most-visited place in New Jersey. Resorts is the oldest casino/hotel in AC, and the AC Historical Museum on Garden Pier can give a quick history lesson.
2. CAESARS’ RESORT and CAESARS’ PIER SHOPS—Experience a taste of Ancient Rome, and visit the former Million Dollar Pier with its shops and water show.
3. BALLY’S and AC OUTLETS-THE WALK—It’s the only casino/resort in AC with two casinos—one of them with a Western theme. The Walk offers outlet stores from many famous retail chains, but the merchandise sells for up to 70% off of retail prices.
4. RAINFOREST CAFÉ and STEEL PIER—Have lunch in a simulated jungle atmosphere, and spend the rest of the day at AC’s only pier with amusement-park rides.
5. HARRAH’S and the WATERFRONT SHOPS—Harrah’s was the first casino/hotel to open up in the marina area, and the Waterfront Shops displayed some colorful archway lights and offered browsing in upscale boutiques.
6. AC HILTON and CENTRAL PIER—The southernmost Boardwalk casino/hotel offered views of the beach and the ocean from its buffet, and Central Pier had arcade games and a large 99-cent store.
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