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The unique silvery-blue color of a Namphi sword.

A ritual knife used by monks.

The Lek Namphi

Many legends and rumors evolve around this marvellous metal, the rare underground treasure found under the peaceful village of Namphi, Uttaradit province. This is the famous Lek Namphi or the Namphi steel of Thailand.

This unique steel has been recognized since the rule of the Ayuddahyan dynasties (1350-1767 AD). Found only in the Namphi village and nowhere else, it was secreted and protected as a high quality steel only to be used for royalty. The weapons of kings were made from this steel.

Only until recently has His Majesty the King (Rama IX) permitted the use of Namphi steel for commoners. However there are still two mines with the best Namphi steel yet that forbids commoners from digging. Steel from the Phra Khan and Phra Saeng mines is used exclusively to make swords for monarchs to this day.

Though a lot of people may have heard of the Namphi steel, very little information can be found and mostly inaccurate. One can but wonder why this rare metal that has held such a respected place in the history and glory of a medieval Siamese empire has so little information about its true nature.

Today, serious collectors and those who believe in the powers of the Namphi steel treat it with the respect as they would any religious object.