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Bowie in Danger!
Band in Danger!
Fans in Danger!
Special Thanks to...
A note to our viewers

Special Thanks to...

  • Bowienet, for providing the photos that we have swiped in our urgency to combat Molko's Spitting Illness and help save David.
  • The Brick Shit House for doing the same.
  • Evan Torrie of Teenage Wildlife for his generous support of this issue.
  • All others who have emailed us with their kind support.

If you have an inquiry, message, a photo of concern in which Molko is possibly transferring this disease to someone, or if you think YOU may have been in dangerous contact wtih Molko, email us at: molko_spits@hotmail.com.

We are doing our best to help save David Bowie and others from catching this incurable disease.