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Disney Land, California


Disney land is a real fun land. We spent a full day here & still we could not go to every part of this huge fun park & could not take all the rides ! One needs to spend atleast two days to go one full round of Disney Land. It is full of different kinds of roller coaster rides certainly not meant for the weak hearted ! Some of them are breathtaking & scary at the same time. Like the ride in Tomorrow's land where you go at high speed on a cart through the sky ! It is pitch dark & one does not even know whether the cart is going to turn left or right or hurtle down or go up. All you see are stars & yes at the end of it all your eyes will also see stars for some time ! It is one hell of a ride which sets your adrenalin pumping !

The high point is at the end of the day there is a laser show in which all the Disney characters participate. A carnival atmosphere is created & what happens is all high tech fundu stuff. Truly worth watching !

Watch out for pictures to be uploaded shortly !


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