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If you thought Washington will be buzzing with activity because it is the capital of America you'll be surprised ! Washington is nowhere close to the likes of a New York or a Los Angeles. It is actually a quiet little city full of government buildings & nothing else. You cannot even find any skyscrapers here.

Washington is worth a visit for the simple fact that you have the White House & some of best museums once can hope to see. One has to go very early in the morning as tokens are issued for tours to the White house & they get taken early, especially on weekends as there are always big crowds. I was not aware of this & when we reached there were no tokens for the White house tour. I was very disappointed & about to go away this happens. A beautiful girl comes from nowhere & asks me & my friend if we are looking for tokens & if we do , she has one extra ! Can you believe this ? I couldn't believe it myself but you  have to, because it is true !  On top of it all we managed to convince the Security Officer to let two of us inside even though we had only one token ! Those guys are extremely careful & particular about security but we managed to get in !

The Air & Space museum contains life sized rockets used in the earlier generations by NASA including Apollo 8. The other sights to see are the Lincoln monument which stands very tall. There is a gallery on top from where you can get a glimpse of the entire city. The American parliament called the Capitol is also a beautiful building well known for its architechture. It has a big rotunda in the centre whose ceiling is painted with many neat paintings inside.

I must caution you that transport is virtually non existent in Washington & you cannot take your car from one place to another as it is just impossible to get parking. Even if you do manage to get parking, the cops are very strict about the expiry time & any cars overstaying the meters are promptly towed away. My car almost got towed but I just managed to escape with a ticket & ofcourse, a fine !


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