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Curse of the Gods

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Revenge of the Gods
Starlight and Judgment
The Freedom Wars
Curse of the Gods
Earth Map in 4327


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Curse of the Gods
Book Five
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Tarenek Brye Annis, humankind's savior against the false gods, has lived as a rogue since the close of the Freedom Wars. No one on the lower land knows who or what he is, other than his drako friend, Elek, and a distant relative, Marana.
When Marana begs him to take a job for a friend of hers, one that requires he interact with people, he reluctantly agrees. Then he realizes her friend is the woman from his nightmares, a woman his clairvoyant mind has shown in torment because of his curse.
Circumstances pull him into the task nevertheless and make it impossible for him to avoid the beautiful and innocent Alie Angenil. As the journey progresses, Tarenek realizes Fate is being so very cruel, but he is determined to avoid the events shown to him by the dream. Each thing he does to avoid the terrible outcome seems to take him ever closer.



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