The Manipulated Evil Series a Science Fantasy Thriller Trilogy by T.C. McMullen


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"Loved it! Haven't read a book like 'The Unseen' in years." -- Megan, reader from Australia.
"The ending left me breathless and tearful. I woul love to see this story in a movie." J.M., reader from Pennsylvania

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The Unseen: Book One
by T.C. McMullen


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      "Stay cool," Kian said through the open window. "You don't want to tangle with her right now."
     "Tangle with her," Kyle faked a laugh. "Yeah, I've seen what she can do. I have no intentions of tangling with her or anyone else, just tell me what the hell is going on!"
     The Unseen pg 42

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"I'm not stupid," Ravyn said. "And
I have to wonder what would possess
you to plan such a thing. Me—lead
people in other worlds, worlds I never
knew existed. Good God, this is insane." 
           Scattered Souls - page 45 

   Ravyn sucked in a sharp gasp and
swung around to face Kyle. He stared
at her, his cobalt eyes vibrant.
   "I told you this isn't over," she said,
but wished she could make her voice
stronger, more convincing. She was
far from getting them out of the
situation. Rhynon still approached. 
Scorching Eden - page 26

The Present and the Future:

The story would thrive at night as I was staring at the stars…


The tale balanced on very fundamental thoughts.  What is true evil? Does it exist? What makes one person hate another? What would drive a person to want to change humanity as we know it…and who would be willing to try and stop it…who would fight to keep free will?


The characters who came to life were people so much like anyone you would meet on the street despite the fact some come from a place far from our Earth’s surface. 


This isn’t only a science-fiction or fantasy story. It holds elements we all can relate to. It is a romance, a war novel, an action/adventure, a suspense, a coming of age… and more.


To be continued...



T.C. McMullen


T.C. McMullen
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