Not all animals can be boarded
Boarding facilities are filled with a variety of animals and noises. We like to keep your pet/s in the comforts of home. Where all sights and sounds are familiar to them and it is the place where they have come to know what to expect. Transporting and leaving a pet in the hands of a stranger can be a very traumatic experience for your pet, if they are not use to it.




Some pet owners want more personal attention for their pets & some pets require more personal attention.  Most that do are more comfortable with their regular diet and exercise routine in their own familiar environment.  If you are needing an alternative plan for your pet contact Jan at Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care to schedule a meeting.  We will be happy to meet your pet's special needs.  We love caring for all types of pets within the comfort of their home.

I think consistency is the key to being a good pet owner.  We are dedicated to the knowledge that your pet is a loving family member and we like to treat them as such.  To keep their routine consistent I like to have instruction from the pet owner.  I make myself available for long or short term assignments. 

We can provide a comforting convenience to any pet owner who is anticipating leaving town on a business trip, week-end getaway or to an extended vacation.  Also, Please call if you are busy working long days and need the assurance your pet is okay and well cared for.

My family operated pet sitting service provides a crime deterrent by keeping a lived-in appearance as well as give attention to things such as burned out security lights, plumbing or electrical failures & bringing in papers and doorknob flyers.

Please contact Jan today to arrange a home meeting, with either Jan or Richard, to secure plans for your next vacation, business trip or an unexpected emergency.

added note:

In case of accident or illness feel secure in knowing that I will work with your pet's Veterinarian.

Expect a mature professional caregiver to arrive at your home.  We do not hire employees.

We can be contacted 24 hours of the day by Email.  Customers can feel free to Email or for a more immediate reply send a text to my cell phone number. 

On rare occasion we have been known to get away for a night or two to relax.  To be sure we can cover your emergency please wait for our reply!

Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care

In home services provided by Jan or Richard, owner/operator/sitter
Members of: Pet Sitters Associates

Licensed Insured & Bonded
Office: 386-738-7748

Don't wait until you are stuck wanting to leave town after work for fun or emergency with no one to look after the pets. Call or contact us by filling out the form in the left column.  Please enter your contact information.

Thank you for considering PAPC.  We are here to provide your pets with the care, love and friendship they need when you have to cope with a busy and unpredictable schedule or just need the time to get away.