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Hey everyone, the contest is over. Congratulations to the winner, Dana! Here are the answers to the questions (in red)...

(1) Who's the newest "family member" in the Hanson household? (Warning: TRICK QUESTION!) Wickit, their new dog. (not Zoe!)

(2) Name one place were they used to live: Ecuador, Venazuela, Trinidad... the list goes on...

(3) Give the significance of the little gold man inside of the snow globe at the beggining of "TT&MON" This was a real toughie! The answer was that it is supposed to represent the giant gold statue of the oil man in Tulsa. (No, it's not the man from Milwaukee!)

(4) What time zone does Hanson live in? Central Standard Time

(5) What was the orriginal name of the band? The Hanson Brothers

(6) Who is Taylor's best friend? Isaac (or Zac)

(7) What are bullet-proof marshmallows? I just wanted to see what people would put for this one! I got a lot of strange answers... but it is just something Zac said on MTV Live. Since I didn't orriginally know what they were either (I don't think anyone can really know except Zac), I just counted any answer for it.

(8) One (only one!!!) reason why Hanson is the best: This is a very important question. You were automatically disqualified if you answered anything about them physically. See, if you like Hanson for their looks, you obviously wont enjoy getting their music as much as someone who said they liked them for their talent. That makes sence, huh?

(9)Your name: Whatever your name happens to be

(10)Your E-mail address: Whatever your E-mail happens to be

Hey, good news for all of ya who didn't win... I am planning on having another contest in the future, so keep coming back to PLANET HANSON for more details...

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