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Welcome to PLANET HANSON!Planet Hanson

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An exchange between my site and your's so we can help each other out.


Win my award, awards I've won. One award you can win is special because it's for sites that are new and haven't won any yet.

Citizens Demand Hanson©

It stands for "Citizens Demand Hanson©." This is perhaps the most important thing on this site, so get your butt over there and join! It's an organization where we request Hanson.


I think you know what Internet chat is. Well, drop in and say "hi!" It's a sepecial chat room- for this site only.


I think you know what a contest is, too. You normally answer some questions and I have a drawing for who gets the prize.


When animation and Hanson combine, you get Hanimation©. It's artwork of Hanson. You can send in some work of your own, too.


This is the "Must-visit" links section because these are kick-butt Hanson links and you don't find them on every other page.


"MON," "Snowed In," "Cried," "Boomerang," and "MMMBop (3 Car Garage)"

Site Map

You are HERE.

Message Board

Come post at the message board! You can talk about anything (well, Hanson related). It's really fun when you get into it.

Other Links

I know, I know, Hanson is the only real important thing in the world, but these are some links that I think are pretty cool


They are of (duh!) Hanson- old ones and new ones. Also... Zoe and Tulsa

Sights & Sounds

Midis, Clips, and videos.

See That?

Weird things that people have noticed. You can submit your own.


If you have seen or met Hanson before, these are your stories. Come and share how it all happened.


I ask, you answer. There are the regular questions, but there are interesting ones, too.


A list of all the webrings Planet Hanson belongs to.

You Say

This is your chance to express yourself about Hanson. I take some anti-oppinions, too, for a little variety.

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