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Describing The Dawn
 The light of day that burns your skin
 afire with passion you cannot see, touch, or breathe.
 It is the smolder of colour corrupting your eye
 inside the blindness that is simply care for the wild.
 Care for her...
 inside the bloody morsel of her red;
 given the thickness of soul and dominant aggression
 of her musical tongue, her sultry voice.
 The curve of her body when the moonlight hits it,
 just as the horizon changes to call her name.
 The stars dim around her, and she is all beauty.
 The night fades, and she is welcomed by the kiss
 of every living thing that dared look upon her
 and wish for her kiss, be it frosty or balmy-warm.
 And those who dare to lie with her, a cloud blanket
 fogging perception and cloaking the nakedness she bares
 with eroticism and euphoria, must be ready
 to fall from the sky again, to earth...
 In lament of torment does she give herself.
 And all of nature bows to her grace--
 as the new day follows her lacy shroud of sleep
 awakening even me.
 I cannot forget her meaning..--r.g.