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 4 Letter Word


 My Pretty


 Describing The Dawn


I'm back with a vengeance, baby.
Someone to kill, maybe.
Take me as I am,
Death threat or not.
Sing to the lovely light
Show me what you got.
Strip off your clothes
Get naked with me.
Show them what we've got,
Give them something to see.
It may not be pretty,
But hell, it's me.
The world spins backwards
And we don't even care.
You try to hurt me with your words
And say you don't like my hair.
Tomorrow I shall kill you.
I'll let you live tonight.
My self-pity, you child,
Will finally do it's right.
It shall die with you,
And life as we love will be through.
Rage against the machine,
Rev it up high.
Sing a little louder, honey,
I can only hear you cry.