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 4 Letter Word


 My Pretty


 Describing The Dawn



They would bother him
and insult him 
and beat him up ever day
all this cruelty
just because he was gay
he had no one to turn to
no one who would understand
it was not his fault 
he was born this way
he wanted to be normal
and not have to differ
but he couldn't deny it anymore
he hated his life
and the way he was
what the others did to him
affected him way too much
even his parents
had turned away
when he needed them most
he decided he couldn't
handle his life anymore
no one liked him
no one would befriend him
no one would except him
for his real character inside

later that night
he did everyone some good
he left a note in his room
and walked down to the local river
the river fierce, strong, and Deep
the perfect place where he could go to Sleep...