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february 14, 1999new color scheme
february 12, 1999telemarketing, orgcam and injustice for all (or for holly, anyway)
february 8, 1999andrea: one less class and iamnotgettingdrunktonight
february 6, 1999candice and neighbors with loud parties
february 3, 1999survey results, cars and gangsterisms
february 1, 1999superbowl (sicky) sunday
january 26, 1999happy 26th: 9 months
january 24, 1999easy money, berkeley and dreams
january 20, 1999part two: loretta lynn, one year ago, and the un-drama
january 20, 1999part one: "i'm glad she didn't come, she's stupid" -meredith
january 19, 1999preparations for yet another mega update
january 12, 1999today, tomorrow, drama, words, and i go to h~~~~~d
january 10, 1999updating, money: the root of all evil, and friends
january 9, 1999online drama, my new classes and that joci chick
january 8, 1999mega update: 12.22.98-1.8.98