Photographs from an exhibition of the Club des Amis du Meccano, France


CAM1.jpg (25216 bytes)

Skilfully modelled, with a wealth of detail, including simulated hydraulics, radio control, and a realistic colour scheme. Personally, I would prefer the use of overlapping flexible plates for the bodywork, but that in no way detracts from the appeal of the model. Note the diorama effect created for exhibition purpose. Simulated rough terrain and turned-up soil all add to the realism of a superb model.

Giant Block-Setting Crane  

The Meccanoman's ultimate dream model! The original supermodel designed by the Binns Road model room had more than 100 Angle Girders of 1-1/2" length, a quantity far beyond the reach of the average junior builder. It is the adult enthusiasts who have mainly re-created this model. Over the years many versions and prototypes have been built, some with extraordinary attention to scale proportions.

CAM2.jpg (23007 bytes)

Horizontal Steam Engine

CAM5.jpg (22678 bytes)

The Steam Engine is a machine which virtually ushered in the Industrial Revolution. A perennial favourite with Meccanomen, countless versions and prototypes have been built over the generations. It may not be an exaggeration to say that a good number of constructors have sharpened their skills at building crank shafts and valve gear starting with a stationery steam engine model. The working action makes these models a popular attraction at all exhibitions.

Double Flyboats  

Another classic supermodel from the 1928-36 period with contra-rotating big wheels. This model has been built in the period colours of blue, gold, and red. A sure crowd puller.

CAM4.jpg (33539 bytes)

Bouquet for Marie Antoinette?

CAM3.jpg (27818 bytes)

A novelty model, the kind that a Meccanoman would build during a spell of relaxation [ or even to please his better half ! ]. Current colours have been aesthetically blended to produce a flower boat  fit for a queen.

Question: Could this also be used as a kind of headgear at Ascot?


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