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Full range of parts now available in the Medium-Green shade of the mid-1950s!!!

Complete parts catalogue now available as a downloadable .xlsx OR .zip file

Parts - Recent introductions

My Wants/Buying List

Rack and Contrate Segment

* All magazines below MUST be in very good *

Original type cast lead Flywheel

* condition complete with stapled covers *

Transparent Flexible Plates  
Transparent Triangular Flexible Plates

Meccano Magazines

Plastic Road Wheel 4-1/4"

Issues prior to 1924  EXCEPT Dec 1922
JJan Feb Apr May Jun Aug Sep
1925 -
 Jan Feb Mar Oct Dec
1926 -  Jan Feb Nov Dec

1927 - Jan Feb Mar May
1931 - Jan Feb Mar

X-series parts and derivatives
Modern Wheel Hub cum Boiler End
Steering Wheels - Small & Large
Triple-flat Axles, Pinions, Spur and Contrate Gears, and Brassware
*RB 230 7-1/2'' Geared Roller Bearing*
Single, Double & Triple Pulley Blocks  
Large Tooth Quadrant 167a  
LTQ compatible Worm & Rack Strips  
5-start reversible Worm & Worm wheel 16:1  
Channel Segment
Flexible Strips of Spring Steel
Shafting Standards

Parts - Under Development

Other "Meccano" literature

Plastic Axles and Gun Barrel Runnymede MG Newsletter # 3
Range of  "Ashtray" tyres NZFMM Newsletter - Prior to April 2001
Elektrikit Magnet JMH & TMG magazines from South Africa
Torsion Springs WLMS Newsletter back issues
Fine tread automotive tyres  
Thrust bearing unit for LARGE axles  
Flexible Sector Plates of Spring Steel
2'' Wheel Centre with internal teeth Any other offers also considered!
"SPECIALS" available NOW!  
Outfit # 9 in post WWII style wooden case l
Outfit # 10 in 4-draw cabinet  
OUTFITS under preparation  
Specialist Clock-builders Accessory kit  
"Vienna Regulator'' Clock kit  



All books must be in clean, tight condition complete with DJ where so issued

D.C.Thompson [UK] Annuals Beano, Dandy, Dennis the Menace,
  Bash Street Kids, Desperate Dan, etc.
American Comic Books Marge's Little Lulu and Tubby
  The Little Rascals
  [Gold, Silver and Bronze age issues]
Books by George Mikes Humour in Memoriam
Sherlock Holmes pastiches Please offer - any & everything!


If you have something from my above wants lists to offer for sale, you can contact me unhesitatingly over e-mail, but please describe the offered items accurately. Thanx!!!!

This page last updated on Tuesday, 20 July 2010