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Like many of you, I too am a born-again enthusiast! I returned to the hobby in 1979 after a 15-year hiatus, resuming with the handsome Dark blue-Deep yellow sets of 1978-9. However acquiring extra parts was a severe problem - either the wanted items were not available or they were beyond my pocket. Worst of all, the Liverpool plant closed down in 1979. After struggling for several years to augment my building stock, I realised that I was not growing any younger and if I wanted to enjoy my re-discovered hobby, the only way out was to make my own parts. With my technical background I knew I could do it.

I therefore started getting parts made at selected local workshops for myself. This was around 1989 or so. It was of course on a very modest scale with only a handful of parts - it had to be so as I was catering almost exclusively to my own needs!

At about the same time, I started communicating with many hobbyists all over the world. I sent sample parts to several people, mainly in the UK and Canada, and these were favourably received. Then the Internet arrived, accompanied by electronic mail and net-based discussion groups. My hobby circle expanded, enthusiasts came to learn of my parts-making activity, and several asked me to become their provider. By word of mouth the news spread and the numbers increased. Very soon I too developed deep interest in this work, began working towards expansion of the range, and also started designing compatible components to extend the capabilities of the system. Today I have some 31 specialist workshops tooling parts to exact specifications.

My parts have gone out to no less than 37 countries in all five continents, from Brazil to Japan, from Canada to Thailand, and from Slovenia to New Zealand! Click here to view the list of countries to which my model-building parts have been sent.

Some twelve years back I thought that it would be fun to create my personal hobby website, and that's where you are at the moment!


As the range has now grown to 1000+ items, the complete catalogue of available parts and ancillary items has been laid out in seven separate sections for ease of navigation and viewing. The table below summarizes the parts categories listed in each section/webpage. Under each category is a complete list of parts available, standard finishes provided, and the unit price in US$.


Please note: Stg£ prices are ~ 0.83 time US$ prices.
prices are ~ 0.91 time US$ prices.

But for  prices of individual parts please download the full spreadsheet catalogue listing all prices in US$, Stg£, and Euro €.


You can access any particular section by clicking on the numerals in the first column of the table below. Or, if you so prefer and indeed that is my suggestion, take the grand tour by clicking the START TOUR button at the foot of the table.

Detailed information regarding ordering, payment, shipment, available finishes and special services, other terms and conditions, and especially about the various incentives available, is provided on the FAQ page. Please do read this page before sending an order or inquiry, as you will find most, probably all, of your queries answered on this page.

This list is only illustrative and, for example, virtually any and every kind of brassware and toothed part can be made, again, subject to minimum order quantity. I welcome ideas and suggestions for adding standard and non-standard parts to the list as well as for new compatible parts. Indeed, several items on this list are the upshot of suggestions from enthusiasts. Just hit my e-mail link (1) or e-mail link (2) and tell me.

And let me tell you, my parts are the BEST ever made in the history of this hobby. This is NOT an idle boast, I have testimonials to substantiate this claim.

Enjoy the tour!





Perforated Strips 1'' to 24-1/2'' lengths
Narrow Strips 1'' to 24-1/2'' lengths
Angle Girders 1'' to 36-1/2'' lengths
Obtuse Angle Girders 1'' to 36-1/2'' lengths
Flat Girders 1'' to 36-1/2'' lengths


Flexible Perforated Strips 2'' to 5-1/2'' lengths
Stainless Steel Girders 1'' to 36-1/2'' lengths


Narrow Flat Girders 1'' to 36-1/2'' lengths
Narrow Angle Girders 1'' to 36-1/2'' lengths
L-Section Angle Girders [1hx2h] 1'' to 24-1/2'' lengths
Channel Girders [1hx3hx1h] 5-1/2'' to 12-1/2'' lengths
Braced Girders - ALL configurations! 2-1/2'' to 24-1/2'' lengths
X-Series components and other Special-purpose Strips Connector Strips, Curved Strips, Slotted Strips, Bell Crank without boss, and T- joints
3 Curved Strips

All standard sizes including narrow versions

Brackets and Double-angle Strips All standard sizes and narrow versions thereof plus SPECIALS including a Parallel-slot Girder [see IM '88 p.9]
Other structural parts Girder Frame, Gusset Plate, Corner Brackets, Triangular Plates,   Channel Bearings, Flanged Brackets, Quadrant Plates, Trunnions, Shafting Standards
Flexible Plates 1-1/2"x2-1/2'' to 2-1/2''x5-1/2'' sizes
Strip Plates 1-1/2''x7-1/2''  to 5-1/2''x12-1/2'' sizes
4 Flat Plates 1''x1'' to 5-1/2''x12-1/2'' sizes
Pulleys, Driving Bands, Circular parts Pulleys, Pulley Blocks, Driving Bands, Bush Wheels, Circular Plates, Face Plates, Circular Strips - Standard and Narrow, Flat Rings, Wheel Flanges, Circular Girders, Sleeve Pieces, Cylinders & Boiler — standard as well as SPECIAL sizes — PLUS ABS Plastic Road Wheels and a designer Wheel Hub cum Boiler End
Cranks All standard types PLUS a Short-arm Crank and 1'' Corner Bracket with boss
Axle Rods Made of stainless steel and STRAIGHT
5 Brassware Complete range plus obsolete and specially developed pieces
Spur Pinions 10t to 30t
Spur Gears 38t to 152t
Worms Right & Left-hand pitches
Ratchet Wheels Includes a clock-building special!
Rack Strips 3-1/2'' & 6-1/2''
Standard & 45º Bevel Gears 12t to 48t
Contrate Gears 19t to 50t
Helical Gears 10t to 60t in both R&L-hand orientation
Gear Rings & Toothed Segments Inner / outer toothed plus only inner / only outer toothed rings available, PLUS Rack and Contrate Segments, and the Large Tooth Quadrant
Large-toothed (20DP) parts Pinion, Worm, Gear Disc/Wheel, Spoked Gear, Toothed Rings,  and Rack Strip —a comprehensive range — PLUS three sizes of Ball Thrust Bearings
Sprockets & Chain Complete range - 14t to 56t, and the Ball Thrust Bearing toothed disc
6 Fasteners Brass  nuts, 5/32'' BSW bolts PLUS Grub and Set Screws in a wide range of sizes
Screwed Rods Full range from 1" to 12"
Triple-flat Axle system components A range of stainless steel axles, Spur Pinions and Gears, Contrate Gears, Brassware, and Adapter Disc
Miscellaneous & "Obsolete" parts A large assortment: Pawls & Pivot Bolts, Threaded Pins, Cams, Eccentrics, Slide Piece, Fork Pieces, Hinge, Tyres, Springs & Spring Cord, Swivel Bearing, Universal Coupling, Drift, Keyway Rod & Bolt, Dredger Bucket, Flywheel, Fan, Hooks, Propeller Blade, Buffers, Wood Rollers, Steering Wheels etc...
Special parts Fully compatible parts designed to enhance the versatility of the system, including Special Screwdrivers and a prototypical Shock Absorber
Heavy Axle components 5/16'' Ø axle system and matching components for supermodels
Elektrikit parts An expanding range
Accessories & Tools Nameplates, Pennant, Key fob, and Tools that are essential to your kit


See for yourself!

For information on recently introduced products and products now under development to be launched shortly - please read the Bulletin Board, where you will also find a lon-n-ng list of stuff that I am looking for! Offer me!


  • Roller chain to fit Sprocket Wheels

  • Double Rod & Strip Connector - an Alan Partridge special!

  • Torsion Springs
  • 'Root Two' Strips - perforated at (Ö2)/2 inch spacing
  • Miniature pneumatics components to scale

  • Motors with Variable Reduction Gearbox, and use of mains FHP compact motors instead of low-voltage DC models

It was always my intention to make available to the enthusiast, every single part that was included in
Outfit No.10. I am now able to offer complete boxed Outfits #9 and 10. These augmented sets have the best possible combination of parts from all periods, plus a powerful drive motor. For more information, please click here!

To view a selection of my parts including an assortment of GOLD-PLATED brassware, please click here



Interested ? Just click my e-mail link (1) or e-mail link (2) and let me know.

Happy Modelling !

[ Ashok K. Banerjee]

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This page was originally created with the assistance and support of the following enthusiasts ~

Wes Dalefield of New Zealand, currently residing in Australia. Visit him at

Dr. Michael Adler of Israel. Read his Meccano Online magazine at

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I am indebted to many enthusiasts for offering ideas, inspiration, and tangible support for new product development, notably: Ian Mordue, Allan Nixon, Dave Taylor, Mike Rhoades, Arthur Wilson, Philip Webb [UK], Thomas D.Smith, Tim Robinson, Roberto Pensotti, Joel Perlin, and Niall Corwell [USA], Edmundo Veiga [Brazil], Graham Jost and Paul Dale [Australia], Paolo Caravani [Italy], George Turner, Jim Picton, Fred Bird, Ron Kurtz and Robert Gibeault [Canada], John Stark [New Zealand], and Alonso Rodríguez Jesús and Cesare Palencia [Spain].

I also acknowledge my deepest gratitude to the following Meccanomen ~

Ernest Chandler, Secretary of the Midlands Meccano Guild, UK
Dr.Alan Partridge of UK, a Meccano maestro
Late Norm LaCroix of Canada - his premature death was a deep personal loss to me
án of Argentina - a master modeller
Late Raymond Mahnen of Luxembourg

25 December, 2017


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