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Hello viewer! Welcome to my website dedicated to the Meccano hobby. Meccano, the greatest and most long-lasting metal construction system toy in the history of the world, was the brainchild of Frank Hornby, a bookkeeper at a provision merchant's office in Liverpool, England. It was over a century ago, in 1901, that he first marketed his product in little tin boxes under the name of MECHANICS MADE EASY, a name later changed to MECCANO. From that humble beginning, Frank Hornby developed a miniature engineering system which went on to become so famous that it became a household name in the four corners of the world, and indeed the very trade-name Meccano became part of the language.

00_Set.jpg (9841 bytes) My association with Meccano started in 1958 at the impressionable age of 6, when my father bought me a 00 Outfit for the princely sum of I.Rs. 5- [ that is 7 US cents today!]. From that point on I was hooked to the hobby. More sets started coming my way by way of gifts from parents and relations, and my joy knew no bounds. I have now completed 62 Meccano years and still my passion for the hobby continues unabated.


In its long history, Meccano has had its ups and downs, its golden eras and its periods of gloom, its changes of ownership and its bankruptcies. There were times when it seemed to enthusiasts that the factory had produced it's last outfit. But such has been the powerful appeal of the system to children and adults, Meccano has always risen from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Just think of it, in the year 2001, Meccano completed a century of glorious existence. After all, what toy, and it was conceived as a toy, has lasted even a fraction of this period, virtually unchanged.



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The greatest Meccano outfit ever produced: an L-Set of the Golden Era.

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Living in a part of the world that became increasingly remote from the Meccano mainstream, I had always been frustrated by the lack of availability and the unaffordable prices of original Meccano spares. So about 30 years back, I decided to make my own  parts to supplement my own collection for model-building. But the results have been so successful, that friendly Meccanomen around the world to whom I sent samples, encouraged me to develop this further so that many can get the benefit of my efforts. To view the ever-widening range of Replica and Special Compatible Parts I make for myself and others click here. Today I have more than 1100 parts, tools, and accessories in my range, in a variety of traditional finishes, much much more than the parent company ever made!

This website is my small tribute to Frank Hornby and his Meccano. And to round off this brief introduction, I can do no better than quote from the late Bert Love's wonderful book "The Meccano System and the Special purpose Meccano Sets". In his preface, Bert wrote:  "It is no exaggeration to claim that thousands of engineers, scientists, architects, and other professionals cut their teeth on Meccano and owe a debt of gratitude to its creator for sowing the seeds of their careers in young but receptive minds. Even a greater multitude from all walks of life in many parts of the world, of all ages "From seven to seventy", have reason to be thankful to Frank Hornby for untold hours of pleasure that they have derived from his wonderful invention."

I would also like to express my gratitude to Meccanomen all round the world for the support and real help received from them in pursuit of the hobby. Frank Hornby's Meccano Guild may have become extinct but the brotherhood of Meccano continues to flourish.                                                    

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Frank Hornby's greatest invention immortalised on a postage stamp of Sweden

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