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Sketches/Renderings/Catholic & Christian/Fantasy/Commissioned Work/Links

Hullo, and welcome to my slowly growing compilation of original virtual art!

Right now our scanner is undergoing transferral from one machine to another, but I've a few pictures digitized for your perusal, and more pics coming soon!

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Top/Renderings/Catholic & Christian/Fantasy/Commissioned Work/Links

I suppose I might as well make this disclaimer here: pretty much ALL that you see below (save the commissioned work) are sketches. I'm a doodler by trade, and a notebook doodler in particular. I've a few finished pieces - and a few I've actually used paint for - but my scanner is small and my pictures of my large artwork as yet undeveloped. Do enjoy what I've put on this page, though! I know I enjoyed doodling them.

A Joyful Lady A Joyful Lady: One of my many sketches, done in pencil. I used no model for this, and so am moderately pleased with the way the proportions turned out. The top of the hair is poorly sketched in, but I think the general countenance makes up for that!
Autumn Autumn:A quick sketch in Sepia ink.
Mystic This lady pops up quite often in my doodles, but I've absolutely no idea who she is. It's rather apparent that whoever she is, though, that's she's pretty happy being that way. For lack of anything else, I've dubbed her the Mystic.
Man in Blue Man in Blue: For this watercolour I used a model, and, not being a proficient at using either the medium or the model, am rather glad with how the sketch turned out!
Fourth of July Fourth of July: A sketch done on Independence Day; self portrait of my soul! *rue*

Selected Renderings

Top/Sketches/Catholic & Christian/Fantasy/Commissioned Work/Links

These were all taken from my renderings for Salomé I believe that Theatre is another form of this type of art, because the director arranges the colour, lighting, background, gesture, etc. in the same way that a painter or a sculptor does. So do check out the pictures as well!

Rendering of the Page (Salomé) Rendering of the Page from Salomé:This is the original rendering, done in pencil and crayon, for the Page from Salomé. To see how the costume actually turned out, click here for the Costume Shot, and here for a better quality picture.
Rendering of Salomé (Pre-Dance) Rendering of Salomé (Pre-Dance):And here is "Good Salomé"! To see how the costume actually turned out, you can look here, or for a full body shot (sans emotion - hey, it was late at night!) here.
Rendering of Salomé (Post-Dance) Rendering of Salomé (Post-Dance):And here is "Bad Salomé". To see what the costume actually looked like, click here for a nicely lit picture, or here for a more "moody" picture.

Catholic & Christian

Sketches/Renderings/Catholic & Christian/Fantasy/Commissioned Work/Links

The following pictures are all taken from various notebook doodlings (hence the blue lines, blue ink and strange words half-scribbled in the margins). However, they turned out well enough that I thought they ought to be shared. I've forborne commenting on them as pieces of art, although one certainly could, but rather offer them as meditation.

Window Crucifix The Window Crucifix: By His Stripes, we are redeemed!
The Face of Christ The Face of Christ: For by Your Death and Resurrection, You have redeemed the world.
The Crucifix of Love The Crucifix of Love: No nails kept Him on the cross, but His Love for us.
Safe in His Heart Safe in His Heart: Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, keep me ever safe in Thee!
The Child Jesus The Child Jesus: My little Guest. *sigh*
Foreshadowing Foreshadowing: He was born that He might die for us; her heart was pierced by a sword.
Mary and Baby Jesus Mary and the Baby Jesus: He was a man, in all respects but sin.
He is Enthroned Forever He is Enthroned Forever: He is seated at the Right Hand of the Father, and His Kingdom shall have no end!
Mary, Hope of Christians Mary, Hope of Christians: Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!
Two Marys Two Marys: The Penitent Magdalene, and the Virgin Mary - both redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.
Two Hearts Two Hearts: The Heart of Love verses the Heart of Sin; come, pick up your cross, for His yolk is easy, and His burthen light.


Top/Sketches/Renderings/Catholic & Christian/Commissioned Work/Links

Upon reconsidering what I've got up here, I realised that very little of it is happy. Please, rest assured, that I've many happy fantasy pictures, I'm just lacking time right now to bond with my scanner.

Foolishness (Sepia) Foolishness (Sepia):
This was originally executed in pencil, sometime during Calculus class, on the back of a handout. The sepia wash was added digitally. Otherwise, the title pretty much says it all.
Daimoq Abduction Daimoq Abduction: This was also done in Calculus Class, and is one of the better examples of my trademark Notebook Artistry. I'm mainly happy with the movement of the line with this preliminary sketch, despite the fact that the content doesn't look too cheerful. I'm not quite sure what the Daimoq (that winged bald guy) are quite yet, except that there's a rum named after them, and they're generally looked upon disfavourably. Lest you should think that I've some sort of evil agenda, let me clarify that it's just easier for me to draw batwings than feathers! If you look up at the last Catholic & Christian picture, and you'll see my failed attempts at the latter.

However, if you're in the mood to see what fun one can have with photo editors, click here.

Sidhe Pink Sidhe Pink: Also known as Perturbed in Pink, I drew this when I had a box of crayons handy and a foul mood. Ah, for the cathartic arts!
Unicorn Teal Unicorn Teal: One of the hallmarks of Fantasy drawing, I've come to discover, is mixing and matching parts (i.e., wings, horns, etc.) on various creatures. Well, here's my attempt at a Unicorn Lady; and further, an attempt to play with colour. The whole is executed in pencil and crayon.
Unicorn Red Unicorn Red: Another pic incorporating a bunch of different elements and playing with colour. Don't ask me what it all means - it doesn't mean anything as far as I'm concerned, it just looks neat. If anything, it's probably a companion piece to the illustration (see below) that I did for "Cimmerian Ocellus."
Ifan Sees Dhelia Ifan Sees Dhelia: This is a preliminary representation for one of my High Fantasy stories about the love between Ifan, called the Mute, and Dhelia ni Cynwydd. To see a much better version of what Ifan looks like, see below.
Ifan the Mute Ifan the Mute: A better draft of Ifan (with Dhelia in the corner).
Vyjteg Vyjteg: Pronounced VHEY-tg, the lady in this picture is a member of that warrior clan - but we caught her in a moment of reflection. *grin*
A Bird May Love a Fish A Bird May Love a Fish: But where would they live? Or, for that matter, where would their children live?

Commissioned Artwork

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Ah the joys of hardware constraints! I've yet to discover how to scan in the posters I was commissioned to do for Anathan Theatre's various plays. As with all things, more will be forthcoming in this area as well.

Illustration for 'Cimmerin Ocellus' Illustration for "Cimmerian Ocellus": Before you ask me what the heck that title means, let me tell you: Cimmerin is the colour black; Ocellus are the little eye-like things on butterfly wings. My friend, who wrote the poem, and I had a yearly contest to see who could come up with the most obscure title: this was her response to my "Obtestation." *grin*
Original Poster for 'The French Butler ~ An Evening's Diversion' "The French Butler ~ An Evening's Diversion" Poster: Although this image does not enlarge, I believe you can see enough of this poster to get the general idea. The poster was executed by means of gelpoint pen, and much cutting and pasting. Considering that we were working with a two day time limit and no budget, I'd say it came out fairly well! To see what the actual "French Butler" looked like, click here. FYI: the pillow's holding an engagement ring.

Again, if you'd like to see the "Theatrical Artwork" for The French Butler, do check out the pictures for the show!

Top/Sketches/Renderings/Fantasy/Commissioned Work

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