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The Valley
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Click for Norsk Fiskecenter (Norwegian Angling Center)

Click for information about Joelster

Joelster is famous all over the country for excellent angling opportunities in the lake Joelstravatnet as well as in the river Joelstra and other locations.   Norsk Fiskesenter (Norwegian Angling Center)  is located at Vassenden, a short stroll down the slope.

Don't expect to land such a beast, but the biggest trout taken on a rod in Joelster weighed 15,3 kilos.  More about trout angling in Joelster at

Click for Jølster Rafting's website


Click for information about trout angling in Sunnfjord

If you are interested in rafting, Joelster is an eldorado.  From Aarseth Hytter you can look down directly on the river Joelstra, where rafting trips are organized by Joelster Rafting

The website of Aurefiske (Trout Angling) i Sunnfjord has much useful information about angling in the district.

Klikk til nettstad for Sunnfjord Golfklubb
Klikk til nettstad for Sunnfjord Golfklubb
Click for Sunnfjord Golfklubb's website
Klikk til nettstad for Sunnfjord Golfklubb
Klikk til nettstad for Sunnfjord Golfklubb

Click for Mostien's website (The Mo Information Track)

Click for Sunnfjord golfklubb's website  

SUNNFJORD GOLFKLUBB's course is located within walking distance from Aarseth Hytter.

Mostien (The Mo Information Track) by the lake Movatnet leads through one of the many rich deer areas in the district.  But if you plan on watching deer, you'd better wait until dusk or rise early in the morning.

A brisk hike up the mountain Tindefjellet further up the slopes from Aarseth Hytter gives you a good reward for the effort.  The lake Joelstravatnet with the biggest glacier on the European mainland,  Jostedalsbreen, on the horizon.

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