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The Valley
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Aarseth Hytter

Western Norway

Cabins and rooms on a farm

The farm Upper Aarseth, where Aarseth Hytter is situated, lies high and lofty above the small village Vassenden and has a fabulous view over the valley and the lake Joelstravatnet.

There are marvellous opportunities for angling both in the lake and in the river.  Another way of using the river is for rafting.  Or one can drive to the river Stardalselva in the eastern end of the valley to raft there, less than one hour drive.  In this part of the valley one can also hike on the glacier.  Forest and mountain all around the place invite to hiking tours.

In Fjaerland, one hour by car via the tunnel beneath the glacier, you will find a glacier museum, an art gallery and a historic museum.  You can take daytrips to several places with beautiful scenery, interesting attractions and shopping opportunities, i.e. Sogndal, Selje, Stryn, Floroe eller Foerde.  

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