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 Welcome to   

Aarseth Hytter

in scenic Joelster,   Western Norway

Cabins and rooms on a working farm

We run the farm Oevre Aarseth in Joelster, Western Norway.  Here we rent out the old traditional farm house with space for 4-6 persons, a cabin resembling a traditional food storage for 2 persons and a room for 2-3 persons throughout the year.

The farm is located high and lofty on the sunny side of the valley above the small village of Vassenden, and gives a unique lookout eastward over the beautiful lake Joelstravatnet and westward over the valley with the river Joelstra on the valley floor and with a far fiew of the mountains towards the coast of Sunnfjord in the background.

We welcome you to a district with very rich opportunities for enjoying nature and culture and a great diversity of activities!  

Kjellrun and Leiv Aarseth

Description and prices here.                                 Booking and contact information here.

The view from the farm:

Look eastward:
Jølstravatnet mot Jostedalsbreen

The lake Joelstravatnet towards the glacier Jostedalsbreen

Turn westward:

The river floats on the valley floor

Turn southward:     

The mountain Systefjellet in the distance, where snow patches linger all through the summer

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